Miss Pym and a Friend

Miss Pym and a Friend

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Our Salute to More Excellent Women in TV Media

A quick salute to Aunt Bea, who could run the sheriff's house like a warden if needed, and still bake cakes for the church social, and to Jane of F-Troop, who was true to herself and could outride any of the silly men she dealt with every day.  A special salute goes to Edith Bunker, who in her own gentle way, did as she pleased, got a job, made diverse friendships, lived where she wanted, and dealt with life on her own terms.  She made "dingbat" a compliment, and an intellectual pursuit. If we look at things with a different perspective, we see there were strong female characters in media, even as they were written into the script of The Feminine Mystique.  Finally, I salute my late, beloved mother, now of blesse memory, who worked, married, raised a family, and did it all when married women who worked were criticized every which way but loose.  And, to my Dad, who macho soldier though he was, did housework, minded kids, ran the house like  courts martial at times, but who believed women could work, have career, and be anything.

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