Miss Pym and a Friend

Miss Pym and a Friend

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Guide to Literary and Legal Books, URLS, Shopping, and Research

Something still useful, though with Borders closing, it needs updating:

Guide for Buying Professional Books, Reference Books, Law Books, and URLS for College Students
by Ellen Tsagaris

Map Quest. www.mapquest.com

Welcome to the wonderful world of books and professional libraries. No matter what you do for a living, you need a professional library and lists of resources. People who know these things often describe book collectors and bibliophiles as the victims of "a gentle madness." Yet, as one who has suffered from this malady all her life, I can easily say that of the thousands of books I own, there is not one that I have not used, enjoyed, read, or studied. In this world of multitasking where everything is a text, information is knowledge and knowledge is power. This guide is for all who love books, but especially for college students who need them. There are legal books, professional books, book stores, URLs for books, on line book stores, books about books, and many Internet resources. Use it in good health, and as I say to my paralegal students, use it for good and not for evil!!


A Clean Well-Lighted Place for Books. http://www.bookstore.com/ They list book groups and sell online. I used to frequent the Sunnyvale, CA store. They are just wonderful, and have anything you want. They are open late, and offer many free publications, especially, Poetry Flash.

City Lights.http://www.citylights.com/ This store is a legend, and was co-founded by another legend, author and artist Lawrence Ferlinghetti City Lights inspired our own Prairie Lights in Iowa City.

Barnes and Noble: Also online.www.barnesandnoble.com. They aren’t my favorite, but they do have a great coffee bar. Their sales are terrific; every two years or so, they have a $1.00 sale! I bought Vera Wang’s book on weddings for just $1.00, when it is usually close to $90.00! The advantage is these are new books, games, and art supplies. At any of the other stores, you would still pay full price. They always have a good selection of sale books and helpful extended hours.

• Northpark Mall

Borders: Also online.www.bordersstores.com. They have a newsletter which includes coupons and special sales. There are also special events for students and teachers. If you push them, their service is pretty good. One fine Friday before Halloween, I stood before the art books with my 20% coupon, looking for the expensive Joseph Cornell book I wanted. Nobody seemed to know who Cornell was, but the books about him always disappeared on coupon days. Once again, as I stood in my nifty Halloween sweater, the book was gone. I sighed audibly. Next to me was a very good looking gentleman holding a cup of coffee. “That’s an awfully big sigh,” he said to me somewhat playfully. “Oh, No,” I thought. I’m being hit on, and I don’t want to be!” But, then he said, upon hearing my dilemma, “Take your coupon to that desk over there, tell them to order the book, and tell them to give you the discount.” Then, I had an epiphany; this was no idle Ralph Lauren look alike; this was some Borders Executive, mayhap a District Manager! So, I went to the desk, related what he told me to. They were reluctant to agree, until I pointed to the man and said, “ That gentleman by the art books, the one holding the coffee cup, he told me you would order the book and let me use the coupon.” He saw me gesturing toward him, and toasted me with his paper cup. “Yes miss, of course; we’ll be glad to order it and let you use the coupon!” Moral of the story; ask for service, and complain politely where necessary!

• 4000 E. 53d Street
Davenport, IA

The Book Emporium:

• 4129 Kennedy Drive
East Moline, IL

Crown: http://www.randomhouse.com/publishers/pub_crown.html. They have merged with Random House, and have chains of bookstores across the country. This is a helpful site that allows you to do an author search.

Cumberland Bookshelf: Bettendorf, 359-6630.

Guzzardo's: Downtown Geneseo. This is a combined Hallmark shop/book store. They have a good selection of best sellers and mysteries, and decent reference books. They have pretty good sales, and are an institution in the area. They are also sort of a pleasant, out of the way place for us to visit.

Putnam Museum: http://www.putnam.org/. They have expanded this museum considerably since the time I was a little girl. They have great books on various cultures, science, art, and anthropology. You can visit the museum and see the unwrapped female mummy, view a film at the IMAX, have a snack, or just wander around. The gift shop also carries jewelry, fossils, you name it.

• 1717 W. 12th Street, Davenport

Prairie Lights: Downtown Iowa City.
http://www.downtowniowacity.com/product_info.php?cPath=2&products_id=275. They have expanded since my humble law school/graduate days, and now have a Java Hut café with amazing magazines. They also have for sale autographed copies of books; when I was living there, I bought an autographed copy of Margaret Atwood’s Lady Oracle. They have great reference books, dictionaries, and law books, and feature author signings and poetry readings.

Rizzoli Books: Oakbrook Shopping Center: http://www.buy.com/retail/searchresults.asp?search_store=3&querytype=book_publisher&qutype=5&qu=Rizzoli+Publications&formatid=0&orderby=6&loc=106&dcii=4
[At Buy.com]

Iowa Book and Supply, Iowa City: http://www.iowabook.com/info.html

• 8 South Clinton, Iowa City, IA

University of Iowa, Boyd College of Law Book Store [call ahead to see if they will sell to general public, or if you need a student ID., etc.]

Walden: Good selection of books and sales. Their 10% off card was a blessing in graduate school when I used to buy my textbooks there. They are named for Thoreau’s masterwork, and they are still one of my favorites.

• Southpark Mall

Watermark Corners: They have a wonderful selection of children’s books, jewelry, English antiques, and coffee. There is even a café upstairs. They are located in the heart of John Deere Commons, near the Dead Poets Coffee Shop. 1500 River Drive, Moline, IL

Used Book Stores and Antique Shops:
Charlotte Bronte

Avatar Books: Village of East Davenport. They are very reasonable, and have a nice atmosphere. There are some very unusual books for sale that cannot be found elsewhere. 2218 E. 11th Street, Davenport

The Source Book Store: Over 200,000 books! 232 W. 3d, Davenport.

Tim’s Corner: 2963 14th Avenue, RI

Banowetz Antiques: 122 McKinsey Drive, Maquoketa. http://www.banowetzantiques.com/
There is always a nice selection of books in at least one or two booths. They also carry a full line of books on antiques. There are special sales, and sometimes, free items. This is a great place to look for records, cards, old Valentines, and all sorts of other goodies, too. They carry new collectibles, and are very friendly.

Best Buy: http://www.bestbuy.com/: This is a great place to buy software, computers, and computer books. I’ve also seen best sellers and books on many subjects discounted significantly.
• 5153 Elmore/Davenport
• 4401 16th/Moline

Blue Castle Treasures: Rapatee, IL. The owner lives across the street, and she is always open during Spoon River. She has great books, and as a teacher herself, is glad to help you find what you are looking for. I’ve found some nice collections of Mark Twain and Eugene O’Neill, but she is loaded with old toys, collectibles, some furniture, records, you name it. There is also a nice shop next door you can visit, with more old books and antiques.

Juli’s Book Keeper: Rock Island, IL. Former owner Ms. Finch was a huge help when I was writing my dissertation. Current owner Juli is just as helpful. She is an avid reader, and takes any books in trade. She also sells many handmade items and puzzles. This is one of the best kept secrets in the Quad Cities, and many local writers, including the romance writer Kim Cates, go to The Book Keeper to look for sources.

• 2698 21st Avenue, Rock Island/788-6410. Usually open M-S 12-5.

DAV: Most recent spectacular find: an autographed copy of Gerry Spence’s, The Making of a Country Lawyer. They used to be on River Drive. Takes credit cards, but not checks. Cash is always welcome. They are usually open 8am to 8pm. They also have good novels, paper backs, cookbooks, and craft books. Magazines are about $.10 each.

• 1112 W. Kimberly/Davenport

The Discovery Shop: 2397 Cumberland Square Drive, Bettendorf – They carry all sizes and all sexes. Everything goes to The American Cancer Society, so your shopping supports a worthy cause. The Discovery Shop has wonderful sales, and often sells new items with the tags. I’ve seen $500.00 women’s suits selling for less than $100.00. They also carry great shoes, designer lines, housewares, cookbooks, antiques, and collectibles. They have a nice selection of books in good shape. They have special holiday open houses, Super Bowl Sunday sales, and Cookbook Event sales. They are located near the Goodwill Store in Cumberland Square. Nearby are Keepsake Corners and Evergreen Artworks, which are wonderful places for office and art supplies.

Dollar Bill's and Dollar Tree: They carry nice handbags, school supplies, and toiletries. You can also find jewelry, books, and close out merchandise. Recently, the Southpark store sold Eddie Bauer and other designer sweaters for $1.00 each!

• 902 W. Kimberly Rd., Davenport
• Dollar Tree, 4500 16th Milan
o 3824 44th Ave. Dr., Milan
o Southpark Mall, near J.C. Penney

Dollar General: As with Family Dollar, there are several stores in the area, including one right across the street from Kaplan College at Spring Village Shopping Center. They, too, have good professional pieces, including shirts, dresses, skirts, and sweaters for $10.00 or less. Fifty percent off sales are common. They also carry reasonable and good looking costume jewelry, handbags, and lingerie. They are also a great place to find hangers, and plastic storage units so you can take care of your clothes from season to season. Different stores carry different merchandise, so it’s worth taking a “tour” of local Dollar Generals. They are also a good place to find wallets and handbags. Their books vary from dictionaries and textbooks to best sellers. Most are $1.00, and are brand new in mint condition. They also carry coloring books for kids. It’s worth checking various stores to see what is available. They also have office supplies and framed prints, check out my Harriet Tubman triptych, and the African prints hanging in the library, both from my private collection. Neither set cost over $5.00.

• 2170 E. Kimberly Rd, Davenport
• 1037 S. Oakwood Avenue, Geneseo
• 201 W. Second Avenue, Coal Valley
• 905 W. 4th, Milan
• 2010 26th Avenue, Moline, IL
• 3830 11th Street, Rock Island
• 4012 Black Hawk Road, Rock Island
• 4110 Avenue of the Cities, Rock Island
• 2201 5th Street, Silvis
• 1224 State, Bettendorf
• 109 E. 50th Street, Davenport
• 2604 W. Locust, Davenport

Dyersville Antique Mall: aka, Plaza Antique Mall. http://www.plaza-antique-mall.com/. Located in the hometown of Field of Dreams. 1235 16th Avenue Court SE
Dyersville, IA 52040

Family Dollar: The selection of books varies. Most cost about $1.00. There are several stores in the area. They have decent quality clothing for under ten dollars. They also have 75% off sales; it is possible to buy a pair of shoes for $.50 cents. Most of the professional or dressy clothing is for women, teens, and children. They also carry office supplies, paper, coloring books, seasonal decorations, etc.

• Cityline Plaza, First Street Moline, IL.
• 3126 23d Avenue, Moline, IL
• 1617 11th Street, Rock Island, IL
• 921 16th Avenue, East Moline, IL
• 2255 Rockingham Road, Davenport, IA
• 1932 N. Brady Street, Davenport, IA

Galesburg Antique Mall: http://www.seminarystreet.com/antique/.
349 East Main Street, Galesburg, IL 61401: As with other antique malls listed, they have a good variety of vintage books and books on different subjects. This mall has three floors, and a candy and coffee shop built-in. Knox College students love to hang out there. Sometimes you can buy signed books by local authors as well.

Goodwill: They also have a website where you can bid on items. Shop Good Will.
http://www.shopgoodwill.com/. Many people scour their bookshelves, frames, and records. There are a lot of good deals waiting, and most books are under $1.00.

• 2302 Spruce Hills Drive, Bettendorf
• 4241 23d Avenue, Moline
• New Store off West Division and 53d, 5360 Villa Drive in Davenport, not yet in the phone book
• 4664 44th, Rock Island
• Several Stores in Iowa City; there is one just off the Coralville Exit.

Hallmark Stores: Many of the Gold Crown stores carry beautifully bound editions of classics that have been portrayed on the Hallmark Hall of Fame. They also have music and tapes based on their TV specials. Hallmark also carries a nice line of gift books for various occasions.

The Haunted Bookshop: http://www.abebooks.com/home/THEHAUNTEDBKSHP/. 520 E. Washington, Iowa City. When I used to go to the old location in Iowa City, it was run and owned by a physician who worked at the VA Hospital. It is still a lovely place to go, and great places to find vintage sheet music, books on every subject, you name it. The atmosphere is terrific, and you may even find the signature novel, The Haunted Bookshop.

Hawk Hollow: Owned by Dr. Char Hawks, my teacher, boss, and friend at Augustana. This is a family owned store with all sorts of wonderful things. They bought a collection of over 2000 books several years ago, almost all professional and academic.

• 563-872-5467
106 South Riverview
Bellevue, IA 52031

King's Daughters Thrift Shop: Moline.

Murphy Brookfield Books:
• Email • murphyb2@inav.net

• Address • 219 N. Gilbert St.
Iowa City, IA
U.S.A. 52245
• Phone • 319-338-3077
• Fax • 319-338-3077

Another of my Iowa City Haunts, located in a charming old home. They have a very good history and literature section. They have a wonderful web site where you can browse their books and inventory. You can also browse by subject.

Osco: The store in Moline at City Line Plaza has best sellers priced very low, sometimes at 40% off, more even than Borders or Barnes and Noble. I bought the latest Harry Potter book there when it was still “hot” and flying off the shelves everywhere else, only I bought it for a lot less!!

Paperback Exchange

Illinois Antique Center: 308 SW Commercial Alley/Peoria, IL 61602-1401/309-673-3354 – This is a huge store, with its own used and antiquarian book shop with books on every subject. It’s a great place to visit and wander around. They also carry magazines about writing and book collecting in the book shop.

The Old Book Barn: ( 217) 875-0222/Forsyth , Illinois. Near Decatur.
• Route 51 North
P.O. Box 500
Forsyth, IL 62535
Phone: (217) 875-0222
FAX: (217) 877-9211

They literally have everything, and are huge! They have the best room of mystery and true crime books I have ever seen. This is a consignment shop, so you can bring books and run an account for further discounts. They also carry rare books, including real dime novels and pulp fiction. This is the dream of every graduate student everywhere!!

Stuff Etc.: This is the granddaddy of all consignment stores. One store even has a coffee bar in it! At sixty days, consignment merchandise is discounted 50%. After ninety days, merchandise is discounted 80%! You could spend all day just in the one store. They carry home furnishings, clothes, books, antiques, toys, furniture, dishes, jewelry, appliances, you name it. They have great ties and shirts, and a lot of sportswear. Located just off the Coralville exit by Wal-Mart. The second store is near K-Mart in Iowa City. They have a large selection of books on all topics, well-organized and nicely displayed. One recent find was an Alfred Hitchcock mystery book from the 70s in mint condition for $.80!

The phone number for Stuff Etc., West is 319-545-8408

The Book Lady: She comes to Kaplan College. As at our front desk. We always have a nice selection of children’s books and gift books on display from her inventory.

Doodads and More: 1517 15th Street/ Moline - They are very reasonable, and also carry all kinds of memorabilia, vintage clothing, and seasonal décor. They carry vintage detective paperbacks in great condition, comics, old books on many subjects, records, and rock and roll nostalgia items by the dozen.
The Book Rack: 355-2310/Duck Creek Plaza/Bettendorf. They have a great selection of paperbacks, and the good thing is that they have more than one copy. Some are at various prices depending on condition. This store survived the mall “renovation,” and they are worth the short trip from Kaplan.

Church Sales and Rummage Sales:

The Resale Shop: 2218 37th Moline [right off Avenue of the Cities. This is a consignment store which also carries new things. They have a lot of books, and they are all in excellent condition.

The Salvation Army : Once known as strictly a thrift store, the Salvation Army carries many new items and advertises them on its marquees. Their clothing is very reasonable, and they change merchandise with the season. They have a lot of books and shoes, and also carry a section for antiques and collectibles.

• Store off 7th Street in Moline, 701 19th Avenue, Moline
• 2125 11th Street, Rock Island
• 420 W. River Drive, Davenport
• 415 W. 2d, Davenport
• 4303 N. Brady, Davenport

Wholesale Books:

American Book Display/ 736 Federal Street, Davenport

Yard Sales, Garage Sales, Auctions: These are great sources that are often overlooked. It is possible to find antiquarian books, used law books and textbooks, good dictionaries, paper dolls and paper products, art books, children’s books you name it. Most people sell them for $.50 or a quarter, and many are first editions. I recently found pristine copies of Grisham novels for only $.75 each. I’ve also found gorgeous German Bibles written in script, the Time-Life books on Great Civilizations for only $.25 each, and many prints by famous artists that come in their own folders. One worries about the literacy of America if everyone is willing to part with their books, but hey, we may as well profit from it!!

• Scotty's Auction/ 5403 Rockingham Road, Davenport
• Milan Auction Barn/337 E. 2d Avenue/Milan, IL
• Sharpless Auction. Iowa City, Iowa, Just off I-80, Exit 249. Besides special auctions, they hold them every Wed. at 5:30.
• Thursday Papers: Check our local papers on Thursdays; all the auctions are listed, and they do mention when they sell books.

Book Outlets and Outlet Stores:

Tanger Factory Outlets. Williamsburg, IA.

Brandeis University Book Sales [across the country]: http://www.brandeisusedbooks.org/. They also have an on line books store, brandeisbooks.com, and links for donating books. This is a wonderful sale, and I used to catch it regularly in San Jose, CA, where they held it at shopping malls. This is a site worth surfing. At their sale, I saw for the first time, the real Wizard of Ox books by L. Frank Baum. They also provide phone numbers and book club information on their site. Named for a Supreme Court Justice, they live up to their namesake.

Chicago Book Fair: http://www.chicagotribune.com/extras/printersrow/: June 4-6, 2004. Check their site. See the following quote from their webpage where they write: “The largest free literary event in the Midwest, the Chicago Tribune Printers Row Book Fair features five tented blocks in the historic Printers Row district and showcases the nation's most diverse booksellers displaying new, used and antiquarian books for sale. Annually the Book Fair offers more than 90 free literary programs including readings and book-signings by famous authors, panel discussions of cutting edge issues, non-stop poetry readings, a Writers' Marketplace and two full days of children's programming. All Book Fair events are free and open to the public. The Chicago Tribune Printers Row Book Fair is located on South Dearborn between Congress and Polk, and at the Harold Washington Library Center in downtown Chicago. Stay tuned for more information, and don't miss this fantastic literary event!”

Computer Books:


Barnes and Noble

Babbages: This electronics store features games and books on computers and gaming. I’m giving the URL for my MSN search. http://search.msn.com/results.aspx?q=babbages&FORM=SMCRT



Radio Shack

Kaplan University: Yes, that’s right, us!! Never underestimate our book sales, faculty generosity, and occasional free giveaways, [latter usually in the Student Lounge]. We also sell books on other subjects. Check with Student Council. There are also many free publications like The River Cities Reader free for the taking at various locations throughout the College.


UAL Library

Quad Linc:


On line:

Alibris.com. www.alibris.com. Credit cards only, secure sight. Has a good newsletter and discounts. They are very reliable, and ship within one or two days. You can also buy music and movies. I give this five stars.

Amazon.com. www.amazon.com. You can find book reviews, read excerpts, engage in lists, do searches, buy used books, etc. They sell other merchandise as well, including movies and DVDs.

Diversity, Inc., Newsletter.. newsletter@diversity.com. The initial announcements are free; most things require a subscription, but it’s a good way to get an idea of the issues going on in society.

Half Dot.com. http://half.ebay.com/index.jsp

• Textbook Superstore. http://half.ebay.com/browse/browse.cfm?tag=tb_books. This is the half price division of EBay, with as many categories and possibilities. This is a special link on the Half.com homepage which specializes in textbooks in the following categories.


Books at Half.com: Categories –
Featured in Books


Bargain Bins

Antiquarian on eBay


Accounting & Finance

Architecture & Design

Art & Photography


Biography & Autobiography

Browse Books by Time Period


Children & Teens



Family, Parenting & Education

Fiction & Literature

Games & Humor

Gender Studies


Home & Garden


Mind & Body

Movies, Music & Performing Arts

Mystery & Thriller

Nature & Animals


Religion & Spirituality


Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror

Science, Technology & Transportation

Social Sciences & Politics

Sports & Recreation


eBay Books

Book Recommendations

Bargain Bins at Half.com: On a recent perusal, I found Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets for $.99!
http://half.ebay.com/products/bargain_bin.cfm?tag=books&format=paperback. This is a great place to look for special topics and children’s books. You could spend all day just surfing back and forth.

Yahoo Auctions. www.yahoo.com

BookCrossing. www.bookcrossing.com: The have a great site for book lovers. This site is full of tips for successful reading and enjoyment of books. Members exchange books and book reviews. They also share book ratings.

Book Sense. www.booksense.com

Salon Books. www.salon.com/books: They provide reviews of books and also have links for other arts and entertainment subjects. There is always a feature book and a well-written review.

EBay. www.ebay.com. They have categories for books, just as they do for anything else.

The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. www.lawbookexchange.com. They sell new and used law books, and also rare and antiquarian law books. They will also do appraisals and sell just published books as well.

Legal Affairs Magazine. Legal Affairs.com . www.legalaffairs.com. What’s good about this periodical is that the whole thing is on line, not just selected parts, as other magazines are selected for the Web and you don’t get the whole thing.

MSNBC.com : www.msnbc.com: They always have featured book excerpts. Look for The Today Show link.

AOL Book Report: www.aol.com Featured books and excerpts. A great place to start the day.

Home Improvement Books and Crafts:

Dover Books: http://www.doverbooks.com/. They have terrific paper products, many of them retro. They also provide books about different cultures, and the Dover Thrift Classics are famous for only costing $1.00. The have great catalogs, and send them often. If you are looking for children’s books, this is the place to go.

Ben Franklin: 2500 52 Avenue, Moline. Ben Franklin has a good selection of pattern books of all kinds. There are also books and magazines on crafts, painting, and jewelry. BF carries unusual pens, gifts, and office supplies as well as hobby and craft supplies. They occasionally have 90% off sales.

Hobby Lobby. 2121 Kimberly Road, Bettendorf. Also in Iowa City. They give away free patterns, and have lots of books, pattern books, graphics, paper arts, and magazines.

Lowe's: They and Menards carry a complete line of Sunset Books, published by the Lane Family in California [they are big contributors to Stanford U]. They also carry books on other art and construction projects.

• 3955 Elmore Avenue
• 3820 44th Avenue Drive, Moline


• 22 W. 53d, Davenport
• 4100 10th Street Drive, Moline

North West Office and Art Supplies: 1609 Washington/Davenport

Michael's: 53d and Eastern, Davenport. They carry all kinds of hobby and craft magazines, as well as patterns and self-help books. They also hold classes and carry framing supplies. They, too, give away free patterns.

Wal-Mart: They have a huge selection of books, art supplies, school supplies, patterns, paper supplies, and magazines. They also have great videos, CDs, and DVDs at reasonable prices, many under $10.00, and some hard to find. Wal-Mart carries classic brands like White Stag at very low prices. They also carry their own brands, and regular prices are usually under $20.00. Their sales can yield phenomenal bargains, so that a dress shirt can sell for $4.00, and a woman’s blouse can go for $.50! Wal-Mart also has a great yard goods and notions department where many fabrics sell for $1.00 per yard. They are a good place for shoes and even carry brands like Dr. Scholl’s. Also, they have reasonable house wares and school supplies. If you are mistakenly charged the regular price on a sales item, you sometimes can get a refund if you draw the cashier’s attention to the mistake. Super Wal-Mart has the added attraction of online shopping, and one-stop shopping. You can buy groceries and work clothes all in one fell swoop! If you live in the Carbondale, IL area, you can go to the Wal-Mart discount store, Bud’s. Check the Web for other locations and for online shopping.

• 5811 Elmore Avenue, Davenport
• 3930 44th Avenue, Moline
• New store in West Davenport

Sam’s: If you are willing to pay the yearly membership price, you can find literally anything. They have great deals on designer clothes, office supplies, groceries, and books. Books are always discounted, sometimes near wholesale prices. They have wonderful journals and blank books for keeping school notes or addresses, or even creative writings. Sweaters that cost $75.00 and up elsewhere go for $12.99 at Christmas. They also have great ideas for office gifts. One Christmas, I received as a gift a hand painted Italian ceramic jar full of biscotti. The jar was about 18 inches high and 8 inches in diameter; it cost $19.99. If it had come from Williams Sonoma, it would have cost at least three times that amount. Trust me; I know these things.

• 3887 Elmore Avenue, Davenport

Somerset Studios and Stampington.com. www.stampington.com: This is a gorgeous magazine that uses visual techniques to tell a story. There are a lot of links for rubber stamps, paint, graphics, patterns, ideas, etc. Most issues revolve around a theme, e.g., Homer’s Odyssey. The collages, boxes, and homemade books incorporate themes from art and literature. It is a gorgeous magazine, and explores truly what a text is, and what art and writing across the curriculum are.

• Zines: Zines are self-published periodicals and magazines on a variety of subjects. The best, to me, are those that incorporate collage, painting, and paper arts to illustrate a theme. Anyone can start a zine; I worked on one in College called An Ounce of Civet. In the 19th century, they were often called Chapbooks. Emily Dickinson was on her way to creating them when she sewed her poems into little books. They are a lot of fun to make; review Somerset Studios magazine and look at the hand made art journals that people do, and you will have an idea of what a zine is.
o The Book of Zines: http://www.zinebook.com/
o INKPOT’S ZINE SCENE: www.inkpot.com/zines.
o Library Journals, Newsletters, and Zines: www.libdex.com/journals.html
o Zines. www.etex.org/Zines

Martha Stewart Living and www.marthastewart.com: The Distressed Domestic Diva still has a useful website, numerous books on decorating, crafts, recipes, and entertaining, and an award winning magazine. Don’t be a snob; she still has some useful ideas!

Mary Englebreit Magazine: This St. Louis artist is famous for her character Anne Estelle and Daisy Kingdom designs. Her magazine has great ideas and features terrific paper dolls. She is also quite a philanthropist for those interested in working with charities of all types.

Scrap Album. www.scrapalbum.com: This is a beautiful site with great links on Victorian scraps and ephemera. There is a lot of history as well, but it is so visually beautiful, that it is worth a surf.

Victoriana. www.victoriana.com. This, site, too, is rich in links and has gorgeous graphics. There are places to buy actual Victorian antiques, and every aspect of Victorian life is covered.

Department Stores and Grocery Stores:

Hy-Vee: Northgate Shopping Center. Our own neighbor carries many books and magazines for all ages and for all interests. They also have nice collector’s trading cards and sports card memorabilia.

K-Mart: Many of these stores carry books and videos in Spanish as well as English. They have best sellers and children’s books, often discounted. The Big K is a great place to find work clothes, too. They carry several professional lines, including Jacqueline Smith. These are reasonably priced and well made. They have great sales after Christmas through early March, where blouses and sweaters can cost $4.00 or less. K-Mart is a good place to buy basics, like simple shirts and blouses, shoes, handbags, wallets, undergarments and lingerie, and sweaters. Vogue, Seventeen, Glamour, and other style magazines feature stories and elaborate ads on the fashion finds available at K-Mart. They are also a good place to look for office supplies and personal toiletries.

• 3661 W. Kimberly, Davenport
• 5000 Avenue of the Cities, Moline
• 3840 46th Avenue, Rock Island

Kohls: You may be familiar with them because Jim Victor reports on their stocks every morning on KWQC. They are a fast growing retailer with great sales and senior discount days. Kohls features nice children’s books that they sell for $5.00 as a charitable project. They have a great selection of children’s books and toys. They have many sales at 80% off, even 90% off. It is possible to buy skirts for $.70, and blouses for $2.00!! Major brands including Sag Harbor, Dockers, and Villager are always discounted from 10-25%. They have nice men’s furnishings and sportswear adaptable to business attire, and a wide variety of reasonably priced shoes.

• 800 42nd Avenue Drive, Moline
• 3910 Elmore, Davenport, IA

Marshall's : The new store is open at Duck Creek. Marshalls has a nice selection of gift books and journals. They are one of the most famous of the national discount retailers. Almost everything in the store is already discounted at around 50%, but there are mark downs on top of that. They carry Perry Ellis, Liz, Ralph Lauren [Polo and Chaps], Koret, and other major brands for men and women. They have a good selection of shoes and accessories, as well as toiletries for men and women. Usually once a month on a Thursday, they take an additional 25% off red-tagged sale items. They also carry calendars and office furnishings. Marshalls, T.J. Maxx, Tuesday Morning, and Gordman’s require frequent visits, since you never really know what you will find there. Sometimes, you can add your name to a mailing list for advance notice of sales. They carry plus sizes.

• Duck Creek Plaza, Bettendorf

Sam's: If you are willing to pay the yearly membership price, you can find literally anything. They have great deals on designer clothes, office supplies, groceries, and books. Sweaters that cost $75.00 and up elsewhere go for $12.99 at Christmas. They also have great ideas for office gifts. One Christmas, I received as a gift a hand painted Italian ceramic jar full of biscotti. The jar was about 18 inches high and 8 inches in diameter; it cost $19.99. If it had come from Williams Sonoma, it would have cost at least three times that amount. Trust me; I know these things.

• 3887 Elmore Avenue, Davenport

Target and Super Target: Target is owned by the same folks who own Marshall Fields. Their books selection is very good. Target also sells DVDs, CDs, videos, and magazines. You can also find great clothes and accessories there. They have great sales on professional attire for men and women. You can sometimes buy a dress for $4.00, shells, skirts, and lingerie for even less. They carry all sizes for both sexes, and a professional line of maternity clothes, Liz Lange. Supertarget is open almost all of the time. They have wonderful groceries from all over the world, a sushi bar, Starbucks, a good snack bar, books, great seasonal items, etc. It is not unusual to find 75% off or more off items during their sales.

• 900 42nd Avenue Drive, Moline
• 1850 E. 54th, Davenport

T.J. Maxx: 53d and Elmore, Davenport. They have wonderful paper products, videos, art books, audio books [my weakness], history books, and children’s books. All are discounted, and sometimes, you can buy one for $.75 or less. It’s pretty much hit and miss, so visit often.

Tuesday Morning: Village Shopping Center, Davenport. Tuesdays also has wonderful wrapping paper, boxes, cards, and notes. They, too, carry art books and videos.

Big Lots: Brady Street, Davenport. Also Galesburg, Il and La Salle-Peru, IL.

Libraries and Library Stores:

Augustana College Library: Occasional book sales. There is also an annual book sale at Augie to benefit WVIK.

Bettendorf Library

• Dewey’s' Cafe [formerly, The Novel Cafe]. They sell magazines, current and past, books, and paperbacks, all for $.10.
• Library Proper: Ms. Hedy Hustedde, information librarian, puts together wonderful, helpful pamphlets about authors and types of books. So, if you like Anne Rice, that pamphlet, charmingly illustrated, also contains lists of books and authors similar to Rice. They are great reference materials for papers.
• Also, the library has book discussions; I plan on leading one on Rice next fall, The library also hosts special events. They have been working on a community-wide Emily Dickinson project which involves planting her garden on library grounds. They also sponsor writing contests.

Black Hawk College Learning Resource Center [books sales and book give-aways]

Galva Public Library: Galva, IL. They have a great book sale during the Stark County Scenic drive every year during the last Saturday in September.

Geneseo Public Library. Geneseo, IL. Annual book sales.

Kaplan College Academic Resource Center and Student Council Sales. Occasional Book Give-aways, too.

Law Library, Iowa City [gives away discarded books]

Main Library, Iowa City [sales]

Modern Woodman [private library]

Moline Public Library

O'Keefe Library, St. Ambrose

Rock Island County Courthouse Library

Rock Island Library

Rock Island Library, 31st Street Branch

Southern Illinois University, Morris Library, annual book sale

University of Iowa Libraries, various disciplines

Western Illinois University


Chicago Art Institute: They have a great book store, and an annex in Oakbrook Shopping Center. Their fantastic books on art are often discounted, and the postcards are plentiful and varied. There are also many booklets around the displays in the museum that cost $.25. Some are free.

Museum of Science and Industry: As with most major museums, they have a great gift shop that includes wonderful books on all topics.

Oriental Institute: Ditto the Oriental Institute. If you can, catch the PBS special on the origins of the Institute.

Strong Museum, Rochester, NY: http://www.strongmuseum.org/. Margaret Woodbury Strong was an eccentric and wealthy millionaire married to the heir of Kodak fortune. She collected folk art and dolls of al kinds, and established a museum. There are over 25,000 dolls, and an extensive library. They allow scholars to write for information and will send photos.

Field Museum, Chicago: They have one of the best book selections on art, native American and indigenous cultures, artifacts, jewelry, and other types of related objects.

Hoover Presidential Library: They have great selections on Laura Ingalls Wilder and Rose Wilder Lane, including The Little House Books and critical books about the family. Some are by local authors and are often autographed. In fact, the papers of Rose Wilder Lane are housed there. They also have a large historical and biographical section of books about presidents and first ladies, as well as Dover books, sticker books, postcards, photographs, Hoover memorabilia, etc. There are discounts for students, children, and seniors, but the gift shop is free.

Metropolitan Museum of Art: They have a great catalog which features art books.

University Presses:

Oxford University Press

Cambridge Press

University of Wisconsin Press

The Hogarth Press

The Southern Illinois University Press

Black Hawk College Book Store.

Scott Community College Bookstore

Augustana College Bookstore

Church Sales and Private Church Libraries:

Assumption Greek Orthodox Church Gift Shop [contact Church]: 792-2912

St. George Greek Orthodox Church Boutique [contact Church]: 786-8163

Tri-City Jewish Center [contact Synagogue]: 788-3426

Christian Book Stores:

The Faith Explained: 114 ½ W. 3d, Davenport

Family Christian Stores:

• 102 E. Kimberly, Davenport
• 3930 38th Avenue, Moline

In His Steps: Northpark Mall

Religious Supply Store: Village of East Davenport

Book Repair:

• GBC Binding Systems, 933 E. 53d, Davenport, 391-7696
Antiquarian Books:

Avatar Books

Source Books Store

Viewing – Augustana College Special Collections

Festivals where books are sold:

Spoon River Scenic Drive: http://www.spoonriverdrive.org/

Knox County Scenic Drive : http://home.grics.net/~scenicdrive/

Stark County Scenic Drive. http://www.outfitters.com/illinois/stark/

Kewanee Hog Festival:
Left Bank Art League Annual Show: Books by Bill Hannan, and handmade paper objet d'art.

Artists who make books:

William Hannan, artistic book artist. http://www.midcoast.org/artist/whannan/

Paper Dolls:

• Borders
• Barnes and Noble
• Watermark Corners
• Marilee’s Paper Doll Page: http://marilee.us/paperdolls3.html
• Paperdoll.com
• The Paper Soldier [periodical]

Lord Byron

Miscellaneous Sources:

Readers Digest Books:

Majesty Books:

Time-Life Books:

Office Max


Majors Art and Hobby:

Book Fairs: Check Local Grade Schools and High Schools

Keepsake Corners. Cumberland Square, Bettendorf, and Moline, across from Southpark Mall. They have scrapbooks and supplies, and incredible stickers and paper. Near Dick Blick in Moline.

Teachers Aide: Moline, across from Southpark Mall. They have great student books for grades K-12. Many are guides for studying literature or work books. They also have stickers and flash cards, and great educational toys.


• Bibliophile

• Writers' Digest

• Romantic Times

Writers Organizations

• Midwestern Writing Center

• Mississippi Valley Poets

• Romance Writers of the Quad Cities

• Midwestern Writing Conference, newsletter and workshop

• Book Clubs [Bettendorf library].

Books On Line:

Bibliomania: http://www.bibliomania.com/: Free books and complete texts, as well as study guides on line in various disciplines.

Project Guttenberg : Similar to Bibliomania. http://www.promo.net/pg/. Named for the Guttenberg Bible, this is a fantastic site for E-books and other online materials It’s all free, and is absolutely wonderful to surf.

Legal Periodicals, Hard Copy and Online:

AAfPe Publications

ABA Publications

The Champaign County Chronicle: Published by my cousin, Chuck Fanakos. This is a nostalgia newspaper that looks at various months in history. It has wonderful graphics and is a lot of fun and informative as well.

Legal Affairs.com

Illinois Bar Journal

Iowa Lawyer

The Jurist Newsletter [free]

NALA Publications

NFPE Publications

The Paralegal Reporter

Lawschool.westlaw.com. www.lawschool.westlaw.com/faculty/proftools.asp

Institute for Law Teaching. http://law.gonzaga.edu/ilst.Newsletters/Spring02.Itonlines02.htm


The Washington Post

QC Online

The Des Moines Register

The Chronicle of Higher Education

The Chicago Tribune

The Chicago Sun Times

The New York Times

The Argus

The Moline Dispatch

The San Jose Mercury News

USA Today

The Wall street Journal

Le Monde

The Orthodox Observer


The Daily Iowan

The Daily Egyptian [Southern Illinois University]

Scribes: Journal of Legal Writing. www.scribes.org/journal.htm

Journal of Technology Law and Policy. grove.ufl.edu/~techlaw

The Haworth Press, Inc. www.haworthpressinc.com
• Journal of Whiplash & Related Disorders
• Journal of Women and Aging
• Latin American Business Review
• Legal References Services
• American Journal of International Law. www.asil.org/Abtajo.htm
• Stanford Journal of International Law. www.stanfrod.edu/group/SJIL
• Journal of the Association of Legal Writing Directors. www.alweed.org/alwdResources/alwdErasingLines.Title.pdf
• Cardozo Journal of International and Comparative Law.www.cardozo.yu.edu.cjicl

Websites and URLs:

Legal Writing in Plain English-University of Chicago Press. http://press-pubs.uchicago.edu/garner/documents/section3.html
Distance Learning Support and Mentoring: http://maxpages.com.edsupport

Study Guides and Strategies: www.lss.stthomas.edu.studyguides

Braindancing for Students. http://braindance.com

Eggleston's Distance Education Resources. http:www.the-eggman.com

Nolo Press Self-help Law Center: http://www.nolo.com

Famous Trials.www.umkc.edu/faculty/projects/ftrials

Law Crawler. www.lawcrawler.com

Lawsource, Inc. www.lawsource.com

Law Journal Extra!. ww.ljx.com

Substantive Law on the World Wide Web. www.mohter.com/~randy/law

Law Guru.www.lawguru.com

FastSearch. www.fastsearch.com

Law School Websites:

• Chicago-Kent College of Law. www.kentlaw.edu
• Cornell Law School. www.law.cornell.edu/library
• Emory Law Library. www.law.emory.edu/law/refdes/reference

The Drudge Report: http://www.drudgereport.com/

The Smoking Gun : www.smokinggun.com. This site has the original court papers for many famous celebrity cases. You can see actual pleadings, briefs, motions and other documents. Be very careful; this site is habit forming.

Celebrity Justice: http://celebrityjustice.warnerbros.com/

Court Decisions on the Web. www.stanford.edu/group/law/library/how/web.courts

The Courthouse. www.ljextra.com

Internal Revenue Service Homepage. www.irs.ustreas.gov/prod/cover

Legal and Government Forms:

• Versuslaw. www.versuslaw.com/versuslaw/forms
• Findlaw. www.findalw.com/16forms.index
• Lectric Law Library Forms room: www.lectlaw.com
• U.S. CourtForms. www.uscourtforms.com


• AALS Workshop for Women in Legal Education Bibliography.www.aals.org/wlepp/biblio.html

Court TV. http://www.courttv.com/

State Web Sites:

• court opinions
New Hampshire: www.state.nh.us/courts
New York: www.law.cornell.edu/ny/ctap
North Carolina. www.nando.net/insider
North Dakota. http://sc3.court.state.nd.us
Ohio. www.sconet.ohio.gov
Oklahoma. www.ou.edu/okgov
Oregon. www.wilamette.edu/~ecrowell/law
Pennsylvania. www.cert.net/penna~courts
South Carolina. www.law.sc.edu/opinions
South Dakota. www.sdbar.org/opinions
Tennessee. www.tsc.state.tn.us/opinions
Texas. www.winodw.state.tx.us.txgovinf
Vermont. http://dol.state.vt.us.WWW_ROOT
Virginia. http://legl.state.va.us
West Virginia. www.scusoco.wynet.edu/www
Wisconsin. www.wisvar.org.WIS
Wyoming. http://courts.state.wy.us
• state statutes
Nevada. http://venus.optimis.com
New Hampshire. www.state.nh.us/gencourt
New Jersey. www.njleg.state.nj.us
New York. http://assembly.staeny.us/ALIS
North Carolina. www.legislature.state.nc.us

Attorney General Opinions:

United States Attorney General. www.usdoj.gov/ag/index.html

Washington Law. www.washlaw.edu

WESTLAW. www.westlaw.com


Findlaw.com. www.findlaw.com

Hieros Gamos: http://www.hg.org/

Find Articles.com. www.findarticles.com

Websites of Individual Authors
• Stephen King. http://www.stephenking.com/index_flash.php
• Anne Rice. http://www.annerice.com/
• John Grisham. http://www.randomhouse.com/features/grisham/
• Anne Rule . http://www.annrules.com/

Legal Sites, More Courts, and University Websites

'Lectric Law Library. www.lectlaw.com

Voice of the Shuttle Legal Studies. http://vos.ucsb.edu/browse.asp?id=2716

The Death Penalty Project: http://www.lawschool.cornell.edu/lawlibrary/death/

The Crime Library: http://www.crimelibrary.com/

The Black Dahlia Site. www.bethshort.com

United States Supreme Court: http://www.supremecourtus.gov/

8th Circuit: http://www.ca8.uscourts.gov/index.html

7th Circuit: http://www.ca7.uscourts.gov/

Uniform Commercial Code. http://www2.cornell.edu/cgi-bin/foliocgi.exe/ucc2/query=*doc{tf9l}/pageitems={ref}?

Amnesty International.www.amnesty.org

NAACP. www.naacp.org

United Nations. www.un.org

NATO. http://www.nato.int/

Other Federal and State Courts:

• http://www.maxwell.syr.edu.plegal/scales/court.html
• http://www.judicial.state.iowa.us/students
• http://www.courts.net
• http://lawyerviews.com/lawsite.courts.html
• http://landmarkcases.org/mapp/courtsystem.html
• http://www.faculty.ncwc.edu.toconnor/111.111lect08.htm

Online Dictionaries of Law:

• The Jurist Law Dictionary. www.jurist.law.pitt.edu/dictionary.htm
• 'Lectric Law Library Dictionary. www. lectlaw.com/def.htm
• Real Life Dictionary of Law. www.dictionary.law.com
• www.4lawschool.com
• www.lawinfo.com/lawdictionary
• www.chesslaw.com
• Cornell Law School. www.law.cornell.edu
• www.1000dictionaries.com/index.html
• Court TV Dictionary.www.courttv.com/glossary.html
• Lloyd Duhaime Law Dictionary. www.wwlia.org/diction/htm
• Oran's Law Dictionary. www.lawoffice.com/pathfind/orans/orans.asp
• Find Law Dictionary. http://findlaw.com


• Martindale-Hubbell. www.martindale.com
• West.www.lawoffice.com

The Blue Book: A Uniform System of Citation:

Federal Rules of Evidence: http://www.law.cornell.edu/rules/fre/overview.html

The Uniform Commercial Code: http://www.law.cornell.edu/ucc/ucc.table.html

Federal Rules of Civil Procedure: http://www.law.cornell.edu/rules/frcp/overview.htm

Model Penal Code: http://www.legal-definitions.com/model-penal-code.htm

• MPC: Selected Bibliography.
• http://wings.buffalo.edu/law/bclc/bclrarticles/4%281%29/bibpdf.pdf
• http://www.fdpress.com/fdpress/crimlaw.htm
• http://www.ali.org/ali/stu_mod_pen.htm

CFR [Code of Federal Regulations]:

U.S. Constitution: http://www.house.gov/Constitution/Constitution.html

USC: [United States Code] - http://www4.law.cornell.edu/uscode/

• IRS Code. http://www.taxableincome.net/exhibits/uscaindex.html

Environmental law Institute: WWW.ELI.ORG

West/Thompson: http://west.thomson.com/store/product.asp?product%5Fid=USCA&catalog%5Fname=wgstore


Writing and Grammar Sites:

• Purdue University Online Writing Lab: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/

Modern Language Association: MLA.org

• Citation Examples: http://www.hcc.hawaii.edu/education/hcc/library/mlahcc.html
• MLA Citation/Online Writing Lab. http://owl.english.purdue.edu/handouts/research/r_mla.html

Library of Congress:

• Library of Congress Law Researchers: http://www.loc.gov/law/public/law.html


Search Engines, Browsers, and the Like:

• Yahoo.com

• Google.com

• Looksmart.com

• Big Mamma.com

• Dogpile.com

• Exite.com

• Geocities.com

• MSN Explorer

• AOL.com

• About.com

• Netscape


• Office XP - Pleading Wizard

Arbitration and Mediation:


ADR Resources.

• ABA Section of Dispute Resolution

• http://www.abanet.org/dispute/

• The Center for Dispute Resolution, Inc.

• http://family.knick.net/cadr/

• Centre for Conflict Resolution International

• http://conflictatwork.com

• CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution

• http://www.cpradr.org

• Arbitration Resources

• American Arbitration Association

• http://www.adr.org/

• National Arbitration Forum

• http://www.arb-forum.com/

• United States Arbitration and Mediation

• http://www.usam.com/

Mediation Resources

• Center for On-Line Mediation, University of Maryland, School of Law

• http://www.mediate-net.org/

• Mediation and Information Resource Center

• http://www.mediate.com

• United States Arbitration and Mediation

• http:/www.usam.com/

Multicultural Law Enforcement:

• Interpol at http://www.interpol.int/.
• Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 at http://www.eeoc.gov/laws/vii.html

The Center for the Book - The University of Iowa: http://www.uiowa.edu/~ctrbook/

Employment in Law:

• Monster.com

• QC Employ Me

• Law Jobs WWW.www.lawlib.wuacc.edue/postlaw.joblists.htm

• The Legal Employment Search Site. www.legalemploy.com


Basbanes, Nicholas A. A Gentle Madness: Bibliophiles, Bibliomanes, and the Eternal Passion for Books. Henry Holt, 1999.

---. Among the Gently Mad: Strategies and Perspectives for the Book-Hunter in the 21st Century. Henry Holt, 2002.

Bookwormer.com. www.bookwormer.com. [Buying cheap books].

Carter, John. ABCs for Book Collectors. Oak Knoll Press, 2000.

Goudey, Pat. The Collector’s Price Guide to Collecting Books.
House of Collectibles, 2002.

“The Best for Less: An Insider’s Guide to Great Bargains.” Reader’s Digest. June 2004. 73+.

McBride, Bill. Pocket Guide to Identification of First Editions.
McBride Publications, 2001.

Wright, Fred. “The History and Characteristics of Zines.” http://www.zinebook.com/resource/wright1.html

Dead Poet’s Café: John Deere Commons, Moline. A great place to ponder and write, and to view vintage portraits of Poe, Bronte, Emerson, and all the greats!



Some Useful Sites for Students and

Book Lovers

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