Miss Pym and a Friend

Miss Pym and a Friend

Monday, February 24, 2014

The Grace of Chocolate

Well, we knew it, didn't we? Monday, Monday, we can't trust it, but here is some good news from our colleague Nurse Nancy: This information is from the wonderful people at the Iowa Public Health Department. In order to put a more flavorful light on the subject of eating chocolate after Valentine’s Day, some research actually shows benefits for eating real chocolate. Nonfat cocoa solids in chocolate have high levels of “antioxidant flavonoids”, two words that even SOUND healthy. Benefits of eating chocolate may include: *Reduced heart disease *Decreased blood pressure *Increased insulin resistance *Improved arterial blood flow Just make sure it’s the good stuff. For more information, visit; www.webmd.com/diet/features/health-by-chocolate?page=2

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