Miss Pym and a Friend

Miss Pym and a Friend

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Here is some is some information about Laura Ingalls Wilder; I've been privileged to visit some of the historical sites and have a good collection of her books and other related artifacts. I have also seen some presentations of her work. I always think of her at holidays for her vivid descriptions and the cozy feelings they evoked. In the past, I have taught several courses about and related to her, and we did the Little House on the Praire Christmas gifts in one. Enjoy: Laura Ingalls Wilder Return to LIW index Laura Ingalls Wilder 1857, February 13. Almanzo James Wilder is born to James and Angeline Day Wilder on a farm near Malone, New York. 1867, February 7. Laura Elizabeth Ingalls is born to Charles Philip and Caroline Quiner Ingalls in a log cabin near Pepin, Wisconsin. 1869. The Ingalls family leaves Wisconsin and moves to Kansas. 1871. The Ingalls family returns to Pepin, Wisconsin. 1874. The Ingalls family moves to Walnut Grove, Minnesota. 1876. The Ingalls family leaves Minnesota and moves to Burr Oak, Iowa. 1878. The Ingalls family leaves Iowa and returns to Walnut Grove, Minnesota. 1879. Almanzo Wilder files a homestead claim near DeSmet, Dakota Territory. The Ingalls family leaves Minnesota and moves to DeSmet, Dakota Territory. Almanzo Wilder 1885, August 25. Laura Ingalls and Almanzo Wilder are married. She and Almanzo make their new home on his claim at DeSmet. 1886, December. Rose Wilder is born. 1888, Spring. Almanzo and Laura suffer from diphtheria. Almanzo resumes work too soon and suffers a relapse causing a stroke that leaves him partially paralyzed. Even though he recovers from the paralysis, he has permanently crippled feet. 1888, August. A baby is born on August 12, lives 12 days and is buried in De Smet, South Dakota. 1889, August 23. Laura and Almanzo lose their home to fire. They build a two-room shanty on the claim. 1890-1891. Laura and Almanzo move to Spring Valley, Minnesota and then to Westville, Florida seeking recovery for Almanzo's weakened health. 1892, August. Laura and Almanzo return to a rented house in DeSmet, South Dakota. Laura works at sewing and Almanzo does carpentry. 1894, July 17. Laura and Almanzo leave DeSmet to build a new home in the Missouri Ozarks. Laura keeps a diary of the trip, later published as "On the Way Home." Rocky Ridge Farm 1894, August 31. Laura and Almanzo arrive in Mansfield, Missouri with $100 saved from Laura's sewing money. They make a down payment on a 40-acre place that Laura names "Rocky Ridge Farm." In later years, Laura will write the "Little House" books at Rocky Ridge Farm. 1912-1920's. Laura serves as a columnist and as the Home Editor for the "Missouri Ruralist." 1919. Laura writes "The Farmer's Wife Says" for the June issue of "McCall's" magazine. 1925. Laura publishes "My Ozark Kitchen" in the January 17 issue of "Country Gentleman." 1932. Harpers Brothers of New York publishes "Little House in the Big Woods," which is a Junior Literary Guild selection. Harper and its successor firms will publish all subsequent "Little House" titles. 1933. "Farmer Boy" is published. 1935. "Little House on the Prairie" is published. 1937. "On the Banks of Plum Creek" is published. 1938. "On the Banks of Plum Creek" is named Newbery Honor Book by the American Library Association. 1939. "By the Shores of Silver Lake" is published. 1940. "The Long Winter" is published. "By the Shores of Silver Lake" is named an ALA Newbery Honor Book. 1941. "Little Town on the Prairie" is published. "The Long Winter" is named an ALA Newbery Honor Book. 1942. "By the Shores of Silver Lake" is awarded Pacific Northwest Library Young Reader's Choice Award. "Little Town on the Prairie" is named an ALA Newbery Honor Book. 1943. "These Happy Golden Years" is published. 1944. "These Happy Golden Years" is named an ALA Newbery Honor Book. 1949, October 23. Almanzo dies of heart failure at Rocky Ridge Farm. 1953. The "Little House" books are reissued with new illustrations by Garth Williams. 1954 . The Laura Ingalls Wilder Award is established; Laura Ingalls Wilder is presented with the first award. 1957, February 10. Laura dies of heart failure at Rocky Ridge Farm three days after her 90th birthday. 1962. "On the Way Home" is published. 1968, October 30. Rose Wilder Lane dies in her sleep at the age of 81. 1971. "The First Four Years" is published. The "Little House" books are issued in paperback. 1974. "West from Home" is published.

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