Miss Pym and a Friend

Miss Pym and a Friend

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Pym's 100th

If all predictions are wrong, and the world goes on after Dec. 2012, it will soon by Pym's 100th birtday. I wonder what the Society will plan to celebrate? Perhaps something lowkey that resonates. After all, she wrote in epic times of small things and familiar events, reassuring all of us that life does inndeed go on She wrote during Depression, and World War, Cold War, Indochinese Wars, Inflations, Soviet Detente, Women's Liberation, The Summer of Love, and Civil Rights movements. Keenly interested in history and current events, curious about everything, se quietly sowed uos her role inhistory, as one of the first women at Oxford, as a WREN. Yet, Pym infiltrates one's life; seh gets in your blood. I think of er when I pick up my knitting needles. I think of her jumpers when it is cool out, and when I squeeze lemon into my iced tea. I think of when when I read Bronte and Austen, and when I cook macaroni and cheese [macaroni cheese to her] and baked beans. As a friend of mine used to say, she made you crave hard boiled eggs. Yet, there was nothing hardboiled about her, well, maybe some of her characters. I always thought Prudence and Leonora Eyre were more than a little scheming. She made everyday life an art long before Martha Stewart or anyone else. She made us glad for ordinary things and real domestic tranquiltiy. My cat Emma is snoozing with me as I write, and i smile, thinking of Pym and her love of cats. Great events are born of small ones, and every life is valuable, and each is moourned when lost. Pym made us remember these things. My keyboard drops "h's" and will soon be replaced. Good Night.

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