Miss Pym and a Friend

Miss Pym and a Friend

Monday, August 15, 2011

A Poem from my Humanities Class

This poem is collaborative; enjoy!

Class Poem
HU 300 Arts, Humanities and Beyond
Dr. Ellen Tsagaris, Derek Fuller, Dawn Quade, Tayla Anderson, Kym Roling, James Vroman, Carly Kitchell, Brandie Stanton, Janette Bartosch, Jessica Lay

Now, is the autumn of my discontent . . .
Oh, how I love to roam in the fields to enjoy the
Splendor of the surroundings among us.
Winter closes in, tightening its grasp,
The leaves are beginning to fall from the trees.
Different colors reflective of my moods,
Yet all dry, withered and dead.
Fall is the start at the
Decaying of life around me.
I no longer feel the blazing sun beating down upon my skin.
Then winter begins,
The chill of sleep,
The preparation for spring’s
And my transformation.
Unto the day I
Feel the rays shall be the
Sun’s gaze through the
And days quickly turn from dark and
To bright and glorious;
It has come—
The world is bright again with the life of

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