Miss Pym and a Friend

Miss Pym and a Friend

Friday, December 28, 2012

Pym and Cycladic Idols

From Cincinnatti comes my photo of a large Cycladic idol, cherished by Pym heroines and written about by Pym herself.
I had a Pym "citing" of sorts watching old "Frasier" shows. Daphne runs to make tea in an upsetting situtation, stating that, she, a good English Girl, makes tea because that is the only thing she can do in a crisis. Remember Miss Clovis and other excellent women are always making tea in a crisis. Hedgegogs: My dear friend MP recently adopted a baby girl hedgehog named Nigel; I now, he gets confused. But, alas, Nigel went home to her birth mother. MP could not stand the smells and clean up associated with such an infant, not something a Pymian character would do! I found a bio of Laura Ashley, whom I write about in my book on Pym, since she seems the embodiment to me of the Pym lifestyle, and of a woman who truly found something to love. The book is Laura Ashley by Martin Wood. It allegeldy contains "first hadn acocunts' of her family, friends, and co workers. It is the story of her rise to fame, along with a discussion of Ashley family private recoreds with illustratons. It is $12.95 from ER Hamilton, Bookseller, at p. 62. Just finished The Bonebed by Patricia Cornwell, an excellent woman in her own right. She never ceases to amaze me with her melding of dinosaurs and fossils [which I also love], and murder/mayhem, which we study in my criminal justice courses, and her knowledge of fine, Italian cooking. I include this in my blog on memoir, because much of PC's writing is autobiographical, as the recent feature about her in Poets and Writers indicates. Also, much of her Scarpetta body of work is done in first person, though she will shift to 3d person POV.

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