Miss Pym and a Friend

Miss Pym and a Friend

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dress for Success Guide: Shopping, Jumble Sales, Thrift Stores, Antiques, Fashion, Shoes, and More! Pym Would Approve!


A Guide
Ellen Tsagaris, J.D., Ph.D.
Paralegal Studies and Arts/Sciences

Contributor and Editor: Karen Burke, Paralegal Studies

Department Stores with Deals:

Family Dollar: There are several stores in the area. They have decent quality clothing for under ten dollars. They also have 75% off sales; it is possible to buy a pair of shoes for $.50 cents. Most of the professional or dressy clothing is for women, teens, and children.

• Cityline Plaza, First Street Moline, IL.
• 3126 23d Avenue, Moline, IL
• 1617 11th Street, Rock Island, IL
• 921 16th Avenue, East Moline, IL
• 2255 Rockingham Road, Davenport, IA
• 1932 N. Brady Street, Davenport, IA

Famous Barr: There is one located at the big shopping center just off War Memorial Drive in Peoria. They are based in St. Louis, and a visit to that store is a historical experience in itself. Famous carries terrific brand names and major designers, and is “famous” for its 66% off and 75% off sales. They usually carry a great selection of United States sweaters and various suits. There is also a big store in Carbondale, for those who love to travel, at University Mall on Highway 13, the main thoroughfare.

Farm and Fleet: They usually sell classic brands like Sag Harbor and Alfred Dunner for women at about 25% off. Mid summer, they start marking things down drastically; for instance, a $40.00 pair of slacks could cost $6.00. A $50.00 dollar sweater can go for $4.44. There is a good line of shoes for men and women, and these can go for as little as $3.00 per pair during the sales. Most of the outfits are mix and match dressy sportswear for women and teens.

• 8535 Northwest BLVD, Davenport, IA
• 5900 John Deere Road Moline, IL
• 1098 S. Chicago St., Geneseo

Dillards: Imagine being able to buy a $200+ designer jacket for $4.99! It is possible if you shop at Dillards in early May. All the winter and fall lines are marked-down to incredible prices. Some recent finds besides the jacket: $85.00 women’s dress boots for $7.99, Swarovsky and Tommy Hilfiger jewelry at $1.99 or less [originally up to $50.00 each], $100.00 blouses at $4.99 each, men’s dress shirts originally $64.00 for $16.00 or less, boys good dress shirts and tops $1.50 each. All formal dresses in all sizes were at $4.99. $75.00 handbags go for $1.99 and $2.99. Other mark downs were already at 75% off, with half off that price on the special sale days. Look for 75% off sales the rest of the year. No major lines are excluded, and sale items include Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Napa Valley, and Pendleton. Another good time to shop Dillards is the Friday after Thanksgiving when there are special sales. Christmas ornaments go on sale immediately, sometimes before Christmas. By the second week of January, they are marked down to 75% off. It’s a good place to look for Secret Santa and office Christmas gifts.

• Coralville, Coralridge Mall
• Davenport, Northpark Shopping Center, 320 W. Kimberly Road, Davenport, IA

Dollar General: As with Family Dollar, there are several stores in the area, including one right across the street from Kaplan College at Spring Village Shopping Center. They, too, have good professional pieces, including shirts, dresses, skirts, and sweaters for $10.00 or less. Fifty percent off sales are common. They also carry reasonable and good looking costume jewelry, handbags, and lingerie. They are also a great place to find hangers, and plastic storage units so you can take care of your clothes from season to season. Different stores carry different merchandise, so it’s worth taking a “tour” of local Dollar Generals. They are also a good place to find wallets and handbags.

• 2170 E. Kimberly Rd, Davenport
• 1037 S. Oakwood Avenue, Geneseo
• 201 W. Second Avenue, Coal Valley
• 905 W. 4th, Milan
• 2010 26th Avenue, Moline, IL
• 3830 11th Street, Rock Island
• 4012 Black Hawk Road, Rock Island
• 4110 Avenue of the Cities, Rock Island
• 2201 5th Street, Silvis
• 1224 State, Bettendorf
• 109 E. 50th Street, Davenport
• 2604 W. Locust, Davenport

Dots: Village Shopping Center, Davenport. Women’s Clothing in all sizes. They have great discounts on sportswear

Dress Barn: 4018 E. 53d Street, Davenport. They carry a great line of suits and dresses in all sizes for professional women.

Gordman’s: They are relatively new to this area, but located very close to us, down Kimberly Road, at the corner of Kimberly and Elmore, and near Panera Bread. It’s possible to buy designer fragrance for men and women for as little as $5.00. Their sales are terrific, and there is a lot of business appropriate mix and match sportswear. It’s also possible to put whole work outfits together for less than $12.00. Prices are always discounted, but there are sales on top of that. They have reasonable furniture, home furnishings, and candy, for furnishing offices and for office gifts. Gordman’s is also generous with handing out coupons for at least 15% off any purchase.

• 4401 27th, Moline
• 3860 Elmore Avenue

J.C. Penney: Can order by their catalog or online, too. Penney’s is one of the oldest retailers in the United States. Their highly advertised sales are only about 25% off, but the unadvertised sales racks of $1.99, $3.99, $6.99, etc. . are fantastic. They have a good selection of business appropriate shoes and accessories as well. They also carry many classic styles and their buyers seem to cater to professional people.

• Northpark Mall
• Southpark Mall

K’s Merchandise: They have a lot of fine jewelry and great costume jewelry, as well as home furnishings and many novelties and collectibles. They occasionally carry books, and they have electronics.

• 1320 W. Kimberly Road, Davenport.

K-Mart: They carry several professional lines, including Jacqueline Smith. These are reasonably priced and well made. They have great sales after Christmas through early March, where blouses and sweaters can cost $4.00 or less. K-Mart is a good place to buy basics, like simple shirts and blouses, shoes, handbags, wallets, undergarments and lingerie, and sweaters. Vogue, Seventeen, Glamour, and other style magazines feature stories and elaborate ads on the fashion finds available at K-Mart. They are also a good place to look for office supplies and personal toiletries.

• 3661 W. Kimberly, Davenport
• 5000 Avenue of the Cities, Moline
• 3840 46th Avenue, Rock Island

Kohls: You may be familiar with them because Jim Victor reports on their stocks every morning on KWQC. They are a fast growing retailer with great sales and senior discount days. They have many sales at 80% off, even 90% off. It is possible to buy skirts for $.70, and blouses for $2.00!! Major brands including Sag Harbor, Dockers, and Villager are always discounted from 10-25%. They have nice men’s furnishings and sportswear adaptable to business attire, and a wide variety of reasonably priced shoes.

• 800 42nd Avenue Drive, Moline
• 3910 Elmore, Davenport, IA

Marshalls: They are one of the most famous of the national discount retailers. Almost everything in the store is already discounted at around 50%, but there are mark downs on top of that. They carry Perry Ellis, Liz, Ralph Lauren [Polo and Chaps], Koret, and other major brands for men and women. They have a good selection of shoes and accessories, as well as toiletries for men and women. Usually once a month on a Thursday, they take an additional 25% off red-tagged sale items. They also carry calendars and office furnishings. Marshalls, T.J. Maxx, Tuesday Morning, and Gordman’s require frequent visits, since you never really know what you will find there. Sometimes, you can add your name to a mailing list for advance notice of sales. They carry plus sizes.

• Duck Creek Plaza, Bettendorf

Sears: Also has a Catalog Store: Sears has long been the grand dame of catalog stores and reasonably-priced merchandise. They have great sales on shoes and jewelry, and have carried their own brands for professional attire. They carry suits for men and women and plus sizes.

• Northpark Mall
• Southpark Mall, 4500 16th, Moline

Talbot’s: Usually, this store is too rich for my blood, but after Christmas, they have 75% off sales that are worth visiting. They have decent shoes and basic business attire for women. They carry suits and dresses as well. They are very classic in style and their clothing is good quality. They also have catalogs and are online. The store just moved locally from Duck Creek to Northpark, and there is a very nice store at Oakbrook, near Chicago.

• Northpark Mall

Target: Target is owned by the same folks who own Marshall Fields. They have great sales on professional attire for men and women. You can sometimes buy a dress for $4.00, shells, skirts, and lingerie for even less. They carry all sizes for both sexes, and a professional line of maternity clothes, Liz Lange. Supertarget is open almost all of the time. They have wonderful groceries from all over the world, a sushi bar, Starbucks, a good snack bar, books, great seasonal items, etc. It is not unusual to find 75% off or more off items during their sales.

• 900 42nd Avenue Drive, Moline
• 1850 E. 54th, Davenport

T.J. Maxx: You never know what you will find there. They have complete clothing and accessories for men and women, shoes, lingerie, toiletries, and household furnishings. They have great last chance or end of the season sales, and also specialize in gourmet coffees and food items. I’ve been able to purchase $80.00 sweaters for $2.00, many pieces of professional sportswear for under $10.00. They carry Perry Ellis, Hilfiger, Lauren, Evan Piccone, and other major designers.

• 4026 E. 53d, Davenport

Tuesday Morning: Tuesdays used to move from location to location, but they are permanently housed up the street from us at The Village Shopping Center. They carry designer handbags and jewelry, as well as great home/office accessories. They are also becoming a great place to look for books. They specialize in close-outs and liquidated inventory. At their last chance corner, you can buy slightly “dinged” items, including pieces of Waterford crystal, for as little as $.25 or $.50! They have a newsletter which you can sign-up for that announces special events that happen, when, well, on Tuesday, beginning at 8 a.m.!

• 902 S. Kimberly Road, Davenport

Von Maur: Their markdowns are generally every Thursday. They have fantastic markdowns on clothing that sometimes amount to 75% off or more. Ms. Von Maur herself calls to check out the bargains.

• Northpark Mall
• Southpark Mall

Wal-Mart: Wal-Mart carries classic brands like White Stag at very low prices. They also carry their own brands, and regular prices are usually under $20.00. Their sales can yield phenomenal bargains, so that a dress shirt can sell for $4.00, and a woman’s blouse can go for $.50! Wal-Mart also has a great yard goods and notions department where many fabrics sell for $1.00 per yard. They are a good place for shoes and even carry brands like Dr. Scholl’s. Also, they have reasonable house wares and school supplies. If you are mistakenly charged the regular price on a sales item, you sometimes can get a refund if you draw the cashier’s attention to the mistake. Super Wal-Mart has the added attraction of online shopping, and one-stop shopping. You can buy groceries and work clothes all in one fell swoop! If you live in the Carbondale, IL area, you can go to the Wal-Mart discount store, Bud’s. Check the Web for other locations and for online shopping.

• 5811 Elmore Avenue, Davenport
• 3930 44th Avenue, Moline
• New store in West Davenport

Sam’s: If you are willing to pay the yearly membership price, you can find literally anything. They have great deals on designer clothes, office supplies, groceries, and books. Sweaters that cost $75.00 and up elsewhere go for $12.99 at Christmas. They also have great ideas for office gifts. One Christmas, I received as a gift a hand painted Italian ceramic jar full of biscotti. The jar was about 18 inches high and 8 inches in diameter; it cost $19.99. If it had come from Williams Sonoma, it would have cost at least three times that amount. Trust me; I know these things.

• 3887 Elmore Avenue, Davenport

Younkers: Younkers is known for all kinds of great sales, and for publishing coupons in the paper that give even more discounts. With their yellow dot discount, you can buy designer clothing in men’s and women’s departments at more than 80% off. At the end of the season, they have racks and racks of clothes and outfits for $3.99 each piece. These may normally cost as much as $100.00 per piece. They carry Liz Claiborne, Tommy Hilfiger, Laura Ashley, Ralph Lauren, and others. They also publish informative and colorful fliers frequently in the Sunday papers. Younkers runs a unisex hair salon which is very reasonable. I think they even take walk-ins. Tiffany and Kathleen are very good at styling hair. At a recent sale, designer clothing for women in all sizes was selling for $1.99 per piece. Shoes, including Nine West, Chinese Laundry, and other major brands, were also $1.99 per pair.

• Northpark Mall
• Southpark Mall


Famous Footwear:

• 1508 E. Kimberly Road, Davenport
• 320 W. Kimberly Road, Davenport
• 3909 16th Street, Moline
• 4500 16th Street, Moline
Payless Shoe Store and Payless Shoe Source:

• 2000 36th Avenue, Moline
• 320 W. Kimberly, Davenport
• 3880 Elmore, Davenport
• 4500 16th Street, Moline
• 4301 23d Avenue, Moline

Von Maur: They have a whole room with sale shoes at Southpark. Many are more than 75% off. Also, their charge card requires no interest.

Younkers: They always have a great selection of sale shoes, and their racks often have bargains for under $2.00 and under $5.00.

Dillards: They carry all major brands and have 75% shoes sales at the end of the season. Von Maur, Younkers, and Dillards, also carry men’s shoes.

Wal-Mart: See earlier listing,; all of these major discount stores have good shoe departments. They carry major brands, including Dr. Scholl’s.

Warehouse Shoes:

• Northpark Mall

Specialty Stores:

Barkan’s: 1709 2nd Avenue, Rock Island – Barkan’s is a well-kept secret in the Quad Cities. They have very good sales, but their sizes are limited. They have a good selection of men’s clothing as well, and they carry different brands from other stores.

Catherine’s: Plus sizes. They send lots of coupons, and have great women’s clothes in plus sizes. They also carry jewelry and accessories and something is always on sale.

• Village Shopping Center, Davenport
• Across from Southpark, Moline

The Discovery Shop: 2397 Cumberland Square Drive, Bettendorf – They carry all sizes and all sexes. Everything goes to The American Cancer Society, so your shopping supports a worthy cause. The Discovery Shop has wonderful sales, and often sells new items with the tags. I’ve seen $500.00 women’s suits selling for less than $100.00. They also carry great shoes, designer lines, housewares, cookbooks, antiques, and collectibles. They have a nice selection of books in good shape. They have special holiday open houses, Super Bowl Sunday sales, and Cookbook Event sales. They are located near the Goodwill Store in Cumberland Square. Nearby are Keepsake Corners and Evergreen Artworks, which are wonderful places for office and art supplies.

Encore of Davenport: 1315 Jersey Ridge Road, Davenport –
Encore has been around for a long time, and they carry new merchandise and gently used clothing in excellent shape. It’s possible to buy Stuart Weitzman shoes for under $20.00 and Gucci shoes for around $50.00. They also carry from time to time Versace perfume, Dooney & Burke purses, assorted jewelry, coats, formal wear, dresses, and sportswear. Twice a year, they have a 75% off sale. Real fur coats, for those into that, can sell for $40.00. Entire women’s suits sell for around $5.00.

Fashion Bug: Village Shopping Center. Like Dots, Fashion Bug carries a variety of clothing in all sizes, including plus size. They have a good selection of dresses suitable for work.

Four Seasons: Some of us are old enough to remember their mascot and slogan, “Tell ‘Em Sophie Sent You!” They carry all sizes, and have at least two stores along State Street in Geneseo, Leading Lady and Four Seasons. The sales are worth waiting for. There is a large store right next to us, near the car wash. They have sidewalk sales at least twice a year where you can buy dress slacks for $4.00 and t-shirts for as little as $2.00.

• 110 S. State Street Geneseo
• 2205 E. Kimberly Rd., Davenport
• Four Seasons Plus: 120 S State Street , Geneseo

Men’s Wearhouse: 4009 E. 53d, Davenport

Repp Ltd., Big and Tall: 902 W. Kimberly, Davenport

The Resale Shop: 2218 37th Moline [right off Avenue of the Cities. This is a consignment store which also carries new things.

Thrift Stores and Consignment: The newest trend in thrift stores is that they often carry new items. Be on the lookout for the “new " section or for clothing that still has its original tags. Small towns around the area have great thrift stores; e.g., Maquoqueta, Riverside, Aledo, Burlington, and Silvis, all have had good thrift stores. There is also a thrift store on The Arsenal, but that is probably open only to residents and personnel on the island.

D.A.V. [Disabled American Veterans]: Brand new location on West Kimberly Road; they are not in the book, yet. They used to be on River Drive. Takes credit cards, but not checks. Cash is always welcome.

Express: Northpark Mall, Davenport

Good Things Now [Project Now]:

• Moved to a Moline Store as well.
• 2000 3d Avenue, Rock Island
• 605 SW 3d, Aledo, IL

Goodwill: They also have a website where you can bid on items. Shop Good Will.

• 2302 Spruce Hills Drive, Bettendorf
• 4241 23d Avenue, Moline
• New Store off West Division and 53d, 5360 Villa Drive in Davenport, not yet in the phone book
• 4664 44th, Rock Island
• Several Stores in Iowa City; there is one just off the Coralville Exit. At the Iowa City Stores, men can buy suits for $8.48.

The Grapevine: 3213 Avenue of the Cities, Moline.

Rags to Riches: 506 16th Street, Moline.

Ritzi Reruns: 1612 W. Locust, Davenport.

The Salvation Army: Once known as strictly a thrift store, the Salvation Army carries many new items and advertises them on its marquees. Their clothing is very reasonable, and they change merchandise with the season. They have a lot of books and shoes, and also carry a section for antiques and collectibles.

• Store off 7th Street in Moline, 701 19th Avenue, Moline
• 2125 11th Street, Rock Island
• 420 W. River Drive, Davenport
• 415 W. 2d, Davenport
• 4303 N. Brady, Davenport

Selective Seconds: 2400 18th Street, Bettendorf.

Trash Can Annie: 421 Brady Street, Davenport. This store is a little pricey, but they are famous; they did some of the costumes for Titanic. They do have sales, and are a lot of fun to browse.

Ragstock. 207-209 E. Washington Street, Iowa City, 319-338-0553 – They are a legend in Iowa City. A recent trip yielded authentic Japanese silk kimonos, ranging between $5.00 and $10.00. There were many blouses for $10.00 or less, and many skirts and dress slacks. They have good sales, and a large variety of sizes and men’s clothing as well. For those who seek adventure, these are the addresses for other Ragstock stores:

• Minneapolis Metro, 830 N. 7th Street, 612-333-8520
• Uptown, 1433 W. Lake Street, 612-823-6690
• North Town Mall, Blaine, MN, 763-780-6970
• Mall of America, Bloomington, 952-854-5133
• Burnsville Center, Burnsville, MN, 952-435-2686
• St. Paul, MN, 1515 University Avenue W, 651-444-2733
• Roseville, MN, Rosedale Center, 651-697-1445
• Duluth, MN 7 W. Superior Street, 218-722-1201
• Northfield, MN, 420 Division, 5-7-645-9081
• St. Cloud, MN, Crossroads Mall, 320-251-8962
• Madison, WI, 329 State Street, 608-251-3419
• Chicago, 812 W. Belmont, Ave., [upstairs near Belmont and Clark], 773-868-9263
• Chicago/Rogers Park, 6431 N. Sheridan, 773-465-1539
• Chicago/Loop Area, 226 s. Wabash [second floor], 312-692-1778

Stuff Etc.: This is the granddaddy of all consignment stores. One store even has a coffee bar in it! At sixty days, consignment merchandise is discounted 50%. After ninety days, merchandise is discounted 80%! You could spend all day just in the one store. They carry home furnishings, clothes, books, antiques, toys, furniture, dishes, jewelry, appliances, you name it. They have great ties and shirts, and a lot of sportswear. Located just off the Coralville exit by Wal-Mart. The second store is near K-Mart in Iowa City.

The phone number for Stuff Etc., West is 319-545-8408

Dollar Bills, All for One, and other Dollar Stores: They carry nice handbags, school supplies, and toiletries. You can also find jewelry, books, and close out merchandise. Recently, the Southpark store sold Eddie Bauer and other designer sweaters for $1.00 each!

• 902 W. Kimberly Rd., Davenport
• Dollar Tree, 4500 16th Milan
o 3824 44th Ave. Dr., Milan

EBAY LISTINGS: www.ebay.com. Check the featured item on their website. EBAY is also a great place to sell and make some money if you have the skill, software, and time. Tip: Decide what your maximum bid is, enter it, then check right before the auction ends.

Business & Industrial
Cameras & Photo
Cars, Parts & Vehicles
Clothing, Shoes &
Computers & Networking
Consumer Electronics
Dolls & Bears
DVDs & Movies
Gift Certificates
Health & Beauty
Home & Garden
Jewelry & Watches
Musical Instruments
Pottery & Glass
Real Estate
Sporting Goods &
Fan Shop
Sports Cards &
Toys & Hobbies
Video Games
Everything Else
see all eBay categories

Online: Virtually every store listed in the department store section has its online component. Be prepared to use credit cards and look for secure sites when you do. Also, be prepared to control the use of your credit card!

Bloomingdales: http://www.bloomingdales.com/. Bloomingdales sends a newsletter to those interested announcing sales and specials. They are one of the priciest stores in the world, but they, too, have fantastic sales. They are worth a surf.

Marshall Fields: http://about.nordstrom.com/ourstores/rackstores/?origin=footer.
Visiting the Chicago Loop store on State Street and Michigan Avenue is a cultural experience. The famous clock itself is worth a look. They have great sales, and even mark seasonal items off 90%. The Watertower Place store is also very nice an is easy to find. There are Fields stores all over Wisconsin and the Chicago area. I’d live there if I could. If you get there at Christmas, go to the café. They sell fantastic cakes called Yule logs, and Frango mints. They also have gourmet groceries and chocolates, and pretty good restaurants. The stores are still decorated in fantastic displays; even Scrooge would find himself getting excited and would pull out his plastic money.

Neiman Marcus: http://www.neimanmarcus.com/
Affectionately known as “needless mark-up,” NM redeems itself by having great sales. For example, it is still possible to buy a $300.00 women’s suit for less than $70.00.

Nordstrom: http://www.nordstrom.com/. The closest store I know of is at Oakbrook Shopping Center near Chicago. They, too, have great sales, and their service is terrific. They stand by their merchandise and refund even without a receipt if necessary.

Nordstrom Rack: http://about.nordstrom.com/ourstores/rackstores/?origin=footer
There is a store near Highland Park, IL. They have drastic reductions on everything from clothing to make-up. You can buy $50.00 polo shirts for less than $15.00. When they have a great sale, you can buy a $600.00 blouse for $100.00. They are also great at exchanging.

Shopko. http://www.shopko.com/: There was a moment of silence when the local Shopko closed. They carry good quality clothing, including dressy sweaters for men and women for around $20.00. Online store usually has newsletters that announces sales and special inventory.


Avon: http://shop.avon.com/avonshop/default.asp?rep_phone=&rep_email=&newdept=&s=WSRGoogle&c=WSR&otc=Avon&department=KWAVON

They sell a good line of clothing for the office at reasonable prices. They carry women’s clothing, and sell plus sizes. They are also prompt, and good at refunds if an item is not in stock. Their sales are very good.

Design Toscano: http://www.designtoscano.com/
They have a store near Watertower Place in Chicago in the old post office. They also have one near Arlington Heights. They are reliable, and carry great furniture, jewelry, and office supplies. For those who love history, Egyptian art, Arthurian legend, and gothic décor, this is the place. The jewelry is great for enhancing work outfits.

Lands End: They have great sales, and compete with L.L. Bean.

L.L. Bean : They have a good exchange policy and carry classic, easy care clothes for work. They also have a good variety of shoes you can walk in, but also wear to the office.

For Counsel: http://www.forcounsel.com/default_c.asp
They are what they say; a catalog company that offers gifts for lawyers and legal professionals. They have a lot of office gifts, jewelry, books, prints, and items of clothing. They also have an online newsletter with sales. You can also order a hard copy catalog.

Oriental Trading Company: http://www.orientaltrading.com/otcweb/application?origin=page.jsp&namespace=main&event=link.home&BP=913
This is a great place to buy office decorations and gifts. They carry lots of novelty items, and are very reasonable.

Yard Sales, Garage Sales, Rummage Sales: Recently, the National Public Radio did a story on Anne Rice, millionaire best selling author and clothes horse. While preparing to move from her famous New Orleans house, Ms. Rice held a yard sale to sell her clothing and other items. She is famous for ordering clothing in bulk from Lands End and other catalogs, and then never wearing them. For example, she once ordered thirty black turtlenecks. As my dissertation director observed, “Couldn’t she buy just two, wear one and wash one?” Luckily for us, there are other Ms. Rice’s in the world. Yard sales and church sales often yield terrific finds for less than $1.00, sometimes with the tags on.

Check the Internet, the Argus, Quad City Times, Quad City Showcase, and Moline Dispatch for the best listings. The Second Fiddle Sale takes place every mid-June, benefits the symphony and has wonderful clothes. This year, the Second Fiddle Sale will be at the old Shopko building in Bettendorf. The Thursday night preview sale costs $6.00 to get in. They also have jewelry, furnishings, art, books, toys, tapes, and sporting goods. Some items are brand new. Check them out on the Web since their location varies from year to year.

Dry Cleaners:

Burke Cleaners:

• 5188 18th Street, Bettendorf
• 4327 23d Avenue, Moline
• 1506 17th Avenue, Moline
• 171 19th Avenue, Moline
• 3024 23d Avenue, Moline
• 210 1st St., Milan
• 2450 Spruce Hills, Bettendorf
• 3723 N. Division, Davenport
• 116 E. 1st, Geneseo
• 1101 Mound, Davenport
• 618 W. Kimberly, Davenport
• 307 E. Locust ST., Davenport
• 2715 18th Avenue, Rock Island

Crescent Cleaners: 2198 W. Kimberly, Davenport. There are other locations as well.

Sanitary Cleaners: 2194 E. Kimberly Road, Davenport. Other locations in Rock Island, Moline, and East Moline.

George’s Classic Cleaners. 4320 Avenue of the Cities, Moline.

See also The Yellow Pages.


• Bull LaVera: 3804 6th St, E. Moline
• Dorothy’s Computer Clothing Design, 815 4th Street, Colona
• Gentry Shop, 5515 Utica Ridge Road, Davenport
• Judy Sews for You: 2314 18th Avenue, Rock Island.
• Kosta’s Alterations: 301 18th Street, The Safety Building, Rock Island
• Sanitary Dry Cleaners, 2194 E. Kimberly, Davenport
• The Syndicate Hub, 2211 E. 52nd, Davenport

Custom Made Clothing: See Tailors, above.

Art Fairs: Someone always brings custom or hand-made clothing to these fairs. Many are extremely reasonable, and are made to be worn to work as business attire, albeit unique. Admission to most is free; it’s worth checking the River Cities Reader or Quad City Showcase to see which fairs are on. There usually one every weekend. They also offer shoes, jewelry, paintings, pottery, and other items for home, office, or business gifts.

• Beaux Arts

• Riverssance

• Left Bank Art League Show

• Summer Art and Craft Fairs

• Fulton County Scenic Drive

• Spoon River Scenic Drive

Handbags and Accessories:

Blue Moon Trading Company: Across from Southpark, near Dick Blick. Carries knockoffs of designer handbags and costume jewelry. Nothing is over $50.00. They also have original Marilyn Monroe design handbags that are collectors’ items. Designers that are “impersonated” include Louis Vuitton, Kate Spade, Fendi, and Burberry. All are good quality.

Fabric Stores: For those who love to sew –

Amazon Dry Good Company [Davenport, Mail order only]. Their catalog is also called the Amazon Vinegar Pickle Company. They have great patterns, books, and accessories, particularly for those interested in historical re-enactment.

Wal-Mart: See the notation for the store. Great craft and fabric section.

Hancock Fabrics: If you can get to their headquarters in Paducah, KY, you will lose yourself. As it is, they have great sales and specials. They also carry craft items.
• 3808 N. Brady, Davenport
• 3911 16th Street, Moline

JoAnn Fabrics: Village Shopping Center, Davenport. They always have a lot of sales and good yard goods and trims. They carry lots of patterns and craft supplies and there is a sewing machine dealership within the store. They offer classes as well.

Clothilde Catalog. They also offer an online newsletter, and informative vignettes on antique sewing accessories called “Clothilde’s Antiques.” You can obtain an online newsletter at: enews@Clothilde.com.

Tanger Factory Outlets, off I-80, Williamsburg, IA. Exit 220.
http://www.tangeroutlet.com/. The following stores are included:


ABC Carpet & Home
Bath & Body Works
Bed Dressing Outlet
Beleza Cosmetics
Bible Factory Outlet
Black & Decker
Blax Golf Shop
Bombay Outlet
Book Warehouse
Book Warehouse – PK Books
Cabin Creek Gifts
Candle Warehouse
Cape Cod Crafters
Christian Factory Store
Christmas & More
Christmas with Dolls & Bears
Class Perfumes
Communications Plus
Cosmetics Company
Country Clutter
Dazzlers Gold & Diamond Showroom
Designer Fragrance
Doll Town
Dollar Tree
Earthbound Trading
Etre Nails
Fanatic Fanz
Fragrance Outlet
Franklin Mint
FTM Motorsports
Furniture Outlet
General Nutrition Center
Glow in the Sun

Gold & Silver Cart
Golf 4 Less
Golf Closeout Warehouse
Golf Mania
Golf Manufacturer’s Outlet
Golf Products Unlimited
Greg Norman
Harry and David
Heng Feng Center
Heritage Candle
Intercourse Canning Co.
Jewelry Factory
Karen’s Korner
KB Toy Outlet
Keepin’ It Real
Knife Factory
L’eggs Hanes Bali Playtex
L.L. Bean
L.L. Bean Outdoors
Le Gourmet Chef
Lillian Vernon
Lindt Chocolate
Luggage Factory
Metro Watch
Michael’s Gems & Glass
Music 4 Less
Music for a Song
Nags Head Hammocks
Nail Pearl & Tan
New York Jewelry
North Branch Furniture Outlet
Office Max

Paper Factory
Pepperidge Farm
Perfume Studio
Pottery Barn
Publishers Warehouse
Robinson Pharma
Ron’s Custom Signs
Rug Decor
Salon by Design
Sanibel Gems & Treasures
Scent Shoppe
Scents for Less
Scooter Depot
Scrap Tales
Silver Treasures
Socks Galore by Hanes
Sports World
St. Nick’s
Sweet Treats
TJ Uniforms
Tool Warehouse
Tools & More
Toy Liquidators
Treasure Island
Ultra Diamond Outlet
Unlimited Nutrition
Villeroy & Boch
Vitamin World
Wilsons Leather Outlet
Zales, The Diamond Store Outlet


Adrienne Vittadini
American Outpost
Ann Taylor
Ann Taylor Loft
Anne Klein
Banana Republic Factory Store
Barney’s New York
Bealls Outlet
Big Dog Sportswear
Bon Worth
Brooks Brothers
Burlington Brands
California Sunshine Swimwear
Casual Corner
Casual Corner Annex
Casual Corner Annex Petite
Casual Corner Annex Woman
Casual Corner Woman
Casual Male Big & Tall
Charlotte Russe
Chuck Roast
Claiborne Menswear
Coastal Cotton
Coldwater Creek
Columbia Sportswear
Dana Buchman

DKNY Jeans
Dress Barn
Dress Barn Woman
Eddie Bauer Outlet
Escada Company Store
Fanatic Fanz
Full Size Fashions
G&G Retail
Gap Outlet
Geoffrey Beene
Glow in the Sun
Golf 4 Less
Greg Norman
Hanes Mill Outlet
Hugo Boss
J. Crew
Jones New York
Jones New York Country
Jones New York Sport
Just My Size
Kenneth Cole
L’eggs Hanes Bali Playtex
L’eggs Hanes Bali Playtex Express
L.L. Bean
Levi’s Outlet by Designs
Liz Claiborne Outlet
Liz Claiborne Woman
London Fog
London Fog – Pacific Trail
Maternity Works

Motherhood Maternity Outlet
Nautica Jeans Co.
New York, New York
Newport Bay
Nike Factory Store
Old Navy Outlet
Pacific Sunwear
Palace Locker Room
Perry Ellis
Petite Sophisticate
Petticoat Junction
Polo Jeans Co.
Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Store
Rave Girl
Rena Rowan
Rue 21
S&K Menswear
Socks Galore by Hanes
Special Brands by Liz Claiborne
Super Fan
Swim Mart
TJ Uniforms
Tommy Hilfiger
Tommy Jeans
Van Heusen
VF Outlet Store
Wilsons Leather Outlet

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