Miss Pym and a Friend

Miss Pym and a Friend

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Rumer Godden and Laura Bridgman

Here is a bit of serendipity; I was revising a a magazine article on Rumer Godden today, the 25th of June, and noted that she wrote me a letter on JUune 25, 1994. I had written to her because I was including her in my dissertation on Barbara Pym, and because I idolized her. Also, she had been in Greece that summer, my birthplace. It made her letter twice as special. I am looking forward to reading Kimberly Elkins' novelized biography about Laura Bridgman, What is Visible, and to rereading a childhood favorite, Child of the Silent Night. Bridgman was an inpsiration to Helen Keller, and led an interesting, if limited life because of her challenges. Till now, many have forgotten her. A few years ago, I found a craft paper doll which featured a photo of her dressed as a Halloween witch. It was in a paper arts magazine, and no one had a clue. More on gentlewomen: in rereading materails on Anne Boleyn, I note she was referred to in contemporary writings as a "gentle woman." I might add, a lot of good it did her. She wasn't even given the chance to make tea.

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