Miss Pym and a Friend

Miss Pym and a Friend

Sunday, March 23, 2014

"Bitch" Magazine

There I was at our local natural food store, browsing magazines to review for my blog "Dr.E's Greening Tips for the Common Person," and there it was, "Bitch!!" I had to look at it. Then I had to buy it. This Month's issue has a gorgeous green map with paper boats, ad little rabbits, puppies on the legend, you name it. Headlines were "Resurrecting Hone Ec," and "Funking the Future." This was about Excellent Women with a mission. There were even dolls in it, rag dolls called Sports Girls, celebrating girls and athletics. Why not? We were all in them, our tumbling, softball, T-ball, soccer, volleyball, track, and we were always outside running, playing circle ball, hopscotch, tag, jumping rope, jumping from swings, climbing trees--- even playing War, and my favorite, Statues. The Spring 14 issue was $5.95. It is intelligently written. I ignore politics, but this has a liberal bent. The magazine's byline is "Feminist Response to Popular Culture." It is a refreshing look, multicultural in approach, with something for everyone. Pym, an editor of "Africa," would have approved.

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