Miss Pym and a Friend

Miss Pym and a Friend

Sunday, June 2, 2013

For my Friend, Writer Angela Wells, who could put Catherine Oliphant to Shame

My Friend Angela Wells passed aways this week; I just learned about it. If you have read my book on Pym, or my dissertation, you will see her quoted, and her books discussed. Angela wrote for Mills and Boon, and also for many other venues. She was a gifted writer, researcher, editor, and wonderful friend. We were friends for over twenty years, and I can't believe she is gone. She left a terrifc son named Ian. I will list her books later, and some of the reviews she got. If you have a chance, look up her books on Amazon for Harlequin and Harlequin Presents. I met Angela when I was writing my thesis on Barbara Pym and romance writers. That had to have been in 1992 or 1993. I sent out a survey to various writers asking questions, and your mom answered; she was one of the first. I found her in the Romance Writers Pink Pages, a directory of writers with contact information. We started writing and never stopped. Over the years, we became good friends, and I was trying to visit England, which is one of my dreams. Angela and I talked about family and heartache. She wrote to me when my mother died, and when my good friend Mary Hillier from Surrey died suddenly. She had Greek friends and relatives and wrote about Greeks in her books. I loved what she wrote, and used her books, with her permission, in my thesis. I especially liked Rash Contract. She was a wonderful friend, and always encouraged me to write. I still think of things she wrote to me, and her ideas have helped me never to have writers block. She was a great writer herself, versatile, and full of ideas. She edited well and read for me. I finally got the book she was helping me with published; it was Wild Horse Runs Free, about the Apache. We also talked about plants, and dolls, which I like. She emailed me photos of her early doll, and of a half or pincushion doll that belonged to her mother. She told me about her family, and of Cyril, and you, of course. I told her about my friend Mark at church and the struggles of the choir in dealing with some of the egoistical priests we got. We sent each other little things over the years, a video, a bracelet, some souvenir stamps. She kept me up to date on all the Royal stories involving Princess Diana, and I sent her clips on things she was interested in here. It was from her that I learned what a ‘transformation’ was. It is what we call in the US a wig, of course, or hair piece/extension. I don’t know where the years went. She sent me cards for my wedding, to Dino, who like you, is into computers, websites, all things digital. So is my little step-son. Mitchie is a guru of these things, and a devotee of the late Steve Jobs. Angela was a wonderful person, so talented, and always doing something. She helped many writers, including me. I will feel her loss every day, but I’ll also think of her with love and fondness always. Again, my family and I are so very sorry.

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