Miss Pym and a Friend

Miss Pym and a Friend

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


This is a wonderful site for Victorian and other ephermera. It is the kind of thing Jane Eyre might have enjoyed perusing. Here is a brief article of their links and other materials.

Interesting Links
The Ephemera Society (UK)
The Ephemera Society is concerned with the collection, preservation, study and educational uses of printed and hand-written ephemera.
The Ephemera Society of America
A non-profit organization formed in 1980 to encourage the preservation and study of paper ephemera.
Centre for Ephemera Studies
The Centre - the first of its kind in the world - is housed in and administered by the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication of the University of Reading.
St Bride Printing Library (UK)
Its world-famous collections cover printing and related subjects: paper and binding, graphic design and typography, typefaces and calligraphy, illustration and printmaking, publishing and book-selling, the social and economic aspects of the printing, book, newspaper and magazine trades.
The John Johnson Collection of Printed Ephemera
Offers a fresh view of British history through primary, uninterpreted printed documents which, produced for short-term use, have survived by chance.
Manchester Metropolitan University Special Collections
Included amongst the collections are the outstanding Laura Seddon collection of Victorian greetings cards as well as the Sir Harry Page collection of albums and scrapbooks.
Musée de l'imprimerie de Lyon
Lyon’s Museum of Printing is one of Europe’s most important historical museums in the field of graphic arts and trade. It contains a significant collection of books, old documents, machines and tools from the invention of printing up to the twentieth century and is particularly strong on French sixteenth-century printing. An educational programme is run with frequent exhibitions, including ones on ephemera.
Quadrille Ephemera
Valerie Jackson-Harris, trading as Quadrille, has been dealing in ephemera for over thirty five years. Her expertise has enabled museums, libraries and private collectors around the world to acquire rare and difficult to find items to complement their collections.
The Valentine & Expressions of Love
Expressions of love are the centerpiece of collector Nancy Rosin’s site, interesting articles and useful links provide access to some fascinating resources for the collector, historian, or craftsperson.
Lewis Carroll Scrapbook
At the Library of Congress is an original scrapbook that was kept by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. Better known as Lewis Carroll, the Victorian-era children’s author of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865) and Through the Looking-Glass (1871).
A Flowering of Affection
Victorian Valentine cards at the Lilly Library, Indiana University, USA.
Buy scraps from the on-line Store of this site, and learn about The Beryl Peters Collection of antique paper ephemera.
Victorian Glass Diamond Mark Translator
An easy to use on-line method of dating and finding the manufacturer of any glass item registered in England between 1842 and 1883. The translator will return the year, month and day of printed ephemera items bearing the Diamond Registration Mark but would not give a manufacturer.
Stevengraphs Bookmarks & Postcards
Malcolm Roebuck’s resource to silk bookmarks and postcards.
The Trade Card Place
US trade cards of the Victorian era.
Wendy Hall Cards
Beautiful Victorian images form the basis of this wonderful range of paperware products.
Emergence of Advertising in America
The Scrapbook category contains 4 scrapbooks with 166 images. Advertisement and trade cards are included in the four selected books and the images under each scrapbook are listed as they appear in the scrapbook itself. The Emergence of Advertising in America: 1850 - 1920 presents over 9,000 images, with database information, relating to the early history of advertising in the United States.
Heritage Scrapbooks
Heritage Scrapbooks is a digital archive of vintage scrapbooks dating from 1700 onwards. The scrapbooks are from Dr. Gary Kelly’s private collection, as well as from generous patrons willing to share their collections online with the rest of the world.
Victorian Gadgets
Maurice Collins' collection of bizarre, weird and unusual manufactured devices and gadgets, used in everyday life between the years of the Great exhibition of 1851 to the Festival of Britain 1951.
Victorian Era
Victorian Britain in pictures.
Victoria's Jewelry Box
Where Historical Re-enactors, Victorian Costumers, and Hat pin Collectors love to shop!
The Ephemera Catalog
A wide range of printed and manuscript ephemera for sale.
The Collectors Weekly
Presenting, amongst other things, interviews with top collectors and details of their websites.
Mishutka Design Studio
This collector creates products inspired by Victorian crafts; some scraps from the collection can be purchased on the site.
The Hyper-Concordance for Victorian Studies
A KWIC concordance website for Victorian studies.
T Vennett-Smith
Auctioneers of postcards, printed ephemera, cigarette and trade cards.
The Memorabilia Pack Company
Specialises in the reproduction of memorabilia and ephemera.
Nursery Rhymes & Nursery Songs
A site inspired by arrangements of nursery rhymes from the Victorian period.
Kate Greenaway Cards
Includes Christmas and New Year greeting cards, Valentines, trade cards, calendars and other paper ephemera.
Whimzy Treasures
Victorian ephemera & paper collectibles
The nostalgic graphics shop that sells honest, old-fashioned clip art.
The Victorian Villager
Great source for Victorian and Angel Links. Victorian Santa & Angel Galleries.
Carriage House Gifts
Beautifully reproduced nostalgic Victorian paper products.
The Victorian resource.
An interesting site of scrap sheets and other items from the collection of Dutch collector Annie Schepens.
Antique Prints
Collectible and antique prints, especially children's and nursery prints.
The Cartophilic Society of Great Britain
For every collector interested in the welfare of card collecting.
Victorian Station
The ultimate guide to all things Victorian.
Copenhagen Antique Toys and Dolls
A Danish shop specialising in early dolls, dolls houses, Victorian scraps, prints, paper toys and games.
The Card Mine
For continental trade cards, chromos, cigarette cards, advertising postcards and ephemera.
Liebig trade cards collector also Kemmerich, Cibils, Van Houten, Guérin Boutron, Cibils, Huntley & Palmer, Suchard - all kinds of Victorian trade cards: chocolate, coffee, extract, etc.
Victorian Style Printable Photo Album Pages
For those enthusiasts of scrapbooking and for all lovers of the style and art characteristic of the Victorian era.

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