Miss Pym and a Friend

Miss Pym and a Friend

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dr.E's Experience in Children's Literature and Women's Studies

I. Children's Literature
II. Women's Studies


I. Children's Literature
A. Texts:
1. Alice in Wonderland: Taught one year plus at SIUC Carbondale as main text for writing courses. Also taught Through the Looking Glass, and "Jabberwocky."
a. Developed tests, quizzes,
b. Taught self-authored play "Who Stole the Tarts" for first graders at Saturday Serendipity, Moline.
c. Large library of Alice books and books on Lewis Carroll, film, records, ephemera, memorabilia, used to teach the book and works by Carroll.
d. Used in connection with Criminal Justice course studying Jack the Ripper; Carroll was for a time considered a suspect in some circles.

2. "Little Red Riding Hood" various versions taught in Honors Composition, Introduction to Literature, Spanish, and World Masterpieces.
a. Some texts in Spanish and Greek Used
b. Wide collection memorabilia and ephemera used as teaching tools.
c. Various authors including Grimm, de la Mare, Angela Carter.
3. Chapbooks; various authors. Including The history of Goody Two Shoes, The History of Dick Whittington and his Cat, The History of Little Fanny [both chapbook and first lithographed paper dolls]
a. originals in private collection
b. Other literature from the era.
c. Charlotte Yonge's "Little Goody Two Shoes" used in dissertation and book The Subversion of Romance in the novels of Barbara Pym.

4. Johnny Gruelle and Raggedy Ann
a. Large collection of the books by Gruelle, including originals, e.g., "Little Sunny Stories."
b. Large archive of Gruelle material, including original case against Molleye E. Doll Company and Raggedy Ann patent papers.
c. Large collection of dolls and ephemera, and other memorabilia, attended Raggedy Ann Conference in Arcola, IL.
a. Large collection memorabilia as well as books about connection between Gruelle and James Whitcomb Riley, creator of Little Orphan Annie.
i. Original Annie books from thirties and vintage items from Annie the musical as well as comic strips.
ii. Taught Raggedy Ann in literature, CommUniversity, Contracts Class.

5. Kate Greenaway: Alphabets, Birthday Books, Flower books:
a. Some material antique including dolls and figurines, and books.

6. Tasha Tudor: Original Correspondence, research, and books. Taught in CommUniversity and SIUC as well as Black Hawk College. Original materials and large library. Used in dissertation, book, in article on "Dolls in Literature" and for QC Literary Guild lecture.
7. Little House Books by Laura Ingalls Wilder and books by Rose Wilder Lane:
a. Have all books and major biographies
b. Paper on Laura's work read by proxy at Popular Culture Association convention in New Orleans.
c. Visited several Little House sites.
d. Taught as unit at Augustana and Black Hawk.
e. Taught at CommUniversity
f. Large collection books, ephemera, dolls
g. Also taught in connection with Women's Studies courses and classes

8. Florence K. Upton: Two Dutch Dolls and a Golliwog:
a. Original lithograph from one of the books
b. Published about in article "Folk Dolls" and unpublished paper on Debussy and "The Golliwog's Cake Walk." Studied in Culture and Diversity.
c. Antique "Dutch dolls" and Golliwog ephemera and books, documented and researched.

9. Joan Walsh Anglund books, ephemera, and friend dolls. Vintage and documented materials.
10. Peanuts by Schulz, vintage materials, library, archives, and dolls. Used in Spanish as Spanish Translations.
11. Richard Scarry: Used in Spanish and in Spanish Translation.
12. Dr. Seuss: Books, films, ephemera, memorabilia, used in writing and Legal Writing to teach voice and style.
13. L. Frank Baum original books and Wizard of Oz memorabilia, some signed by actors from film, other dolls, ephemera, will use in German Amer. Heritage Center lecture and display on witchcraft. Used to emphasize lesson on Censorship.
14. Elizabeth Taylor, Mossy Trotter as well novels for adults in book and dissertation published.
15. Harriet Beecher Stowe, Uncle Tom's Cabin, vintage versions for children, dolls, vintage books, including a rag doll made by Julia Ward Beecher, related to both Stowe and Julia Ward Howe.
16. Various Authors; American Girls Series; books and dolls used in Diversity and Culture, Multicultural Law Enforcement, and Spanish. Large personal collection.
17. Louisa May Alcott: used in book and dissertation, also large collection books and ephemera about Alcott.
18. Dare Wright: The Lonely Doll Series, bio and other books.
19. Lois Lenski: various books and stories.
20. Carolyn Bailey, Miss Hickory.
21. Rachel Field, Hitty. [part of literary guild lecture and CommUniversity Class.]
22. Gulliver's Travels, studied in graduate school at Iowa, used in various composition and Culture and Diversity courses, Aesthetics, Democracy and Technology, studied how meant for adults as satire and became children's literature.
23. Beatrix Potter: books and memorabilia studied in Composition.
24. Edward Gorey, The Dwindling Party used in Composition and Literature courses. Also other works, images by Gorey.
25. Eugene Field, research into his own doll collection and work. I attended Eugene Field School, where Miss Mayme Bolin, an Augie graduate was principal, and had her own large collection of dolls on display. I have dolls made for me by teachers there. Also, dolls belonging to local educators and historical figures like Druscilla McCormick, former superintended Rock Island School District, Martha Schmick of Augustana, Tish Hewitt of John Deere.
26. Frances Hodgson Burnett, original letter by Burnett, books illustrated by Tudor, research about her own doll collection, The Secret Garden, A Little Princess, and Little Lord Fauntleroy..

B. Non fiction children's literature studied and taught:
1. The Diary of Anne Frank: [Diary of a Young Girl].Lesson plans for Aesthetics, Democracy and Technology, Multicultural Law Enforcement,
Freshman Rhetoric., and Honors Composition.
2. Zlata's Diary, used in Composition I.
3. Histories and Biographies of famous people by David R. Collins, Carolyn Meyer, Subjects Helen Keller, Florence Nightingale, Beatrix Potter, Anne Boleyn. Most part of Scholastic series. Taught, and used in publication of articles and for lesson plans. Often used in Culture and Diversity, Ways of Knowing Seminar at Marycrest, Intro. To Literature and Comp I.
4. Children's biography "Handel, who Knew what he Liked" used as part of lecture on Composer for German American Heritage Center September 22, 2005. Also, collection lives of composers for children.

C. Bible Stories and Religious stories for children in various religions, Christian, Islamic, Hebrew. Also, Greek Myths, Hindu stories, African folk tales and myths for children. Used in Culture and Diversity and in articles and books published. Used as part of CommUniversity Courses.
1. The Nutcracker and Tales of Hoffman used in Chapter on book The History of Metal Dolls and Automata, excerpted in various periodicals on the subject.
2. Also part of lecture "Living Dolls, Uncanny Stories," German American Heritage Center.
3. Nutcracker and Tales of Hoffman used in CommUniversity classes 2002, 2003, course called "The Doll as Other."
4. Published in articles on Folk dolls.
5. Celtic myth explored in article published "The Golden Girls, Modern Celtic Ladies," by House of White Birches, in "The Boudiccan Revolt," paper presented at Augustana Humanities Conference 1987, in paper presented for American Conference of Irish Studies, SIUC 1996, and in my book on Barbara Pym. Subject taught in various courses including composition, Honors composition, and literature.

D. Great Books Series, and Horror and Classic fiction and how adapted for children studied and taught, including Dracula, R.L. Stine, Lemony Snickett, anthologies of ghost stories for children, Rudyard Kipling, Charlotte Bronte, and Robert Louis Stevenson, Edgar Allan Poe, and Alfred Hitchcock.
a. Jane Eyre, taught in Honors Composition, also wrote about in book and dissertation. Large collection ephemera about author.
b. Sylvia Plath: The Bed Book.
c. Cervantes, Don Quixote de La Mancha adapted for children in books and film, and in Spanish; used in World Masterpieces and Spanish courses.
d. Study of Classics Illustrated, original vintage collection some in Greek. Compare to transition of graphic novels or "comics for adults." Other comic ephemera and memorabilia, large collection.

E. Courses Taught and special Lectures involving children's literature:
1. CommUniversity: The Doll as Other, taught 2002, 2003.
2. Dolls in Literature, QC Literary Guild 2004.
3. The History of Dolls, children's books discussed, "Finder's Keepers/Quad Cities Antiques Club and Black Hawk College Faculty June 2004, Asbury United Methodist Women December 2004, Putnam Museum February 2005.
4. German Doll Making History, German American Heritage Center September 2001
5. The History of the Teddy Bear and Nutcrackers, November 2002, included literature, books, etc.
6. Living Dolls, Uncanny Stories, originally part of promotion for Ballet Quad Cities production of Nutcracker and Cinderella, German American Heritage Center November 2003. Including Coppelia, Pinocchio, The Velveteen Rabbit, The Olde Curiosity Shoppe, etc.
7. Evaluator for Humanities Iowa and Humanities Illinois involving Ballet and Quad Cities Art for "The Nutcracker."
8. Feb. 2005 "The Lion in Winter" series readings of Plath's work and her paper doll collection, some original readings.
9. 1987 Augustana Humanities Festival paper on memento mori, childhood ephemera and artifacts, and dolls.
10. Attended 1998 Humanities Conference at Black Hawk College, focus on Children's Literature. Use some of books from that conference in Legal Research, American Business History Courses, and Literature Courses.
11. CommUniversity 2005 course on Anne Rice and influences on her work; children's literature, artifacts, and dolls figure heavily in her work, particularly The Witching Hour and Belinda. Also taught in other classes, and published in papers on Rice, and used in Book Club discussion at Bettendorf Library.
Christmas and holiday craft books and patterns from children, some vintage and antique.
3. Children's magazines on sports, particularly girls' sports and gymnastics, and memorabilia to go with them.

J. Correspondence with authors of children's literature and who write about artifacts of childhood. These include Antonia Fraser, Rumer Godden, author of children's classics like The Doll's House, Miss Happiness and Miss Flower, Little Plum, Holly and Ivy, and Mary Hillier, excerpt on illustrator Chloe Preston and associate of Pollock's Toy Museum. Letters used in dissertation and book. Mary Hillier was also a good friend of mine.
K. Alphabets for children including Victorian Woodcuts, Edward Lear, Kate Greenaway, Tasha Tudor "A is for Annabelle," Richard Scarry, etc. Used in publications and teaching, many in private collection.
L. Primers, Readers, Textbooks - private library, used in Composition class
1. Victorian Examples
2. Dick, Jane, and Sally
3. McGuffey Readers
4. Greek Readers for children'
5. Reader from Stalinist Russia
6. Spanish texts fro children
7. Translations of children's classics in various languages
8. Anime books in Japanese
9. Japanese children's books dating from Korean War

M. Newbery and Caldecott winners often used in my classes, including Diversity and Culture and Gender and Society.
N. Fables and collections in Spanish, French, and English. Used in Spanish and Literature class.
O. Legends:
1. Ivanhoe and other Sir Walter Scott adapted for children in books and film, used various courses and research, including my book.
2. Tales of King Arthur, various editions and authors.
3. Robin Hood.
4. Authors including Nathaniel Hawthorne, Charles Dickens, Russell Hoban, James Thurber, Robert Browning, Christina Rosetti, Charles Kingsley, Howard Pyle, Selma Llagerloff. Isaac Beshevis Singer, E. Nesbit.

P. Science Fictions; Authors include H.G. Wells and Robert A. Heinlein and books for adolescents and young adults.
Q. Picture books: large collection, as stated earlier, often used and taught in courses as texts.
1. Madeline
2. Babar
3. Curious George
4. Maurice Sendak and Where the Wild Things Are: Subject of Graduate Seminar at U of Iowa/
5. Ferdinand the Bull
6. Alfred Noyes: The Highwayman
7. The King of the Golden River
8. The Pied Piper of Hamlin
9. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

R. Anthologies and texts of nursery rhymes and riddles from various languages, especially Greek, French, and Spanish, and anthologies of holiday stories and legends from around the world.
S. Assorted children's board games and puzzles, many dating over 100 years.
T. Studies of ancient toys, dolls, and children's pastimes, some published papers on this subject.
U. Various Books of Instruction for Children and Brownie and Girl Scout Handbook, vintage children's scrapbooks, 19th c to 1960s.

II. Women's Studies: See, also CV. Topic of my dissertation and focus in my areas of Modern British Literature, Romantic Poetry and Essays, and Rhetoric was women's studies issues an feminist pedagogy.
A. Dissertation and Book
B. Courses taken: Women Writers of the Renaissance with Mary Ellen Lamb; Seminar on Virginia Woolf and Barbara Pym with Dr. Judy Little; Seminar on Hemingway and Gender [paper in defense of Hemingway's' mother] with Dr. John Howell; Research on Shakespeare' Women in Shakespeare, Widows in Chaucer in Troilus and Criseyde Seminar; Published paper on teaching Shakespeare, Gender, Race, Class and Culture project, Independent Study on Feminist Pedagogy with extensive Journal as Final Project; paper on Edith Sitwell in Modern British Poetry with Richard Peterson, paper on Emma Lazarus and taught Lazarus in various courses, Romantic literature with focus on Mary Shelley and George Eliot, papers on authors included in dissertation, studies of Romance writers, classes on 19th Century Novel with Dorothy Parkander,
Studies of Spanish women writers, have taught and written on Sor Juana Inez de la Cruz and others, including Frida Kahlo. Ways of Knowing Seminar, modern English Drama focus on Lesbian Play wrights, Radclyffe Hall, and Adrienne Kennedy.
C. Courses Taught and Developed:
1. Gender and Society
2. Aesthetics, Democracy and Technology
3. Culture and Diversity
4. Interpersonal Communication
5. Short Fiction
6. World Masterpieces
7. Death Penalty Workshop; unit on women perpetrators and victims

D. Authors taught: Alice Walker, Zora Neale Hurston, Toni Morrison, Jamaica Kincaid, Anne Rice, Charlotte Bronte, Barbara Pym, Jean Rhys, Margaret Atwood, etc. Honors Composition class developed at SIUC focused Mary Wollstonecraft, Charlotte Bronte, Jane Austen, Emily Bronte, and Anne Rice.
E. Theory Group at SIUC studied Camille Paglia, Julia Kristeva, Helen Cixous, Carolyn Heilbrun, Elaine Showalter, Betty Friedan, Germain Greer, Susan Faludi, and others. See bibliography of book in Augustana Library. Also others.
F. Papers written and presented on Georgia O'Keeffe, Virginia Woolf, Anne Rice, Anne Boleyn, Boudicca, Barbara Pym, and Maeve Binchy at various conferences 1987-2000.
G. Personal correspondence with women authors and romance authors including Rumer Godden, Barbara Cartland, Madonna Marsden, Elizabeth Jolley, Rosamunde Pilcher, Antonia Fraser, Angela Wells, Maggie Shayne, and Jayne Ann Krentz.
H. Member Quad Cities Chapter Romance Writers of America.
I. One year plus taught Louise Erdrich and Love Medicine at SIUC as part of writing program, also multicultural texts including Tillie Olsen, Maya Angelou, Joy Harjo.
J. Attended talk by Maxine Hong Kingston at Augustana 1988.
K. Attended discussions by Doris Lessing, Stanford University, 1989.
L. Taught Sappho unit regularly as part of poetry studies at various colleges.
M. Significant amount of research for book preparation and some publication in dissertation and book on Anne Boleyn and Sylvia Plath.
N. Taught and researched Emily Dickinson, wrote original poetry based on Dickinson, Plath, and Sexton, some published.
O. Participant in Readings on Women's Literature, SIUC.
P. Conferences:
1. Lecture German Princesses German American Heritage Center September 04
2. Maeve Binchy 's Echoes American Conference of Irish Studies Carbondale 1992
3. Deirdre as Celtic Heroine in the works of Barbara Pym, American Conference of Irish Studies, Carbondale, 1996
4. Woolf and Rice, Annual Virginia Woolf Conference, 1993, later published in The Virginia Woolf Miscellany, Pace University Press.
5. The Writings of Anne Boleyn, University of Missouri Columbia Graduate Students' Conference 1994
6. "He's Not one of them, Michael Curry and the Interpellation of the Self in The Witching Hour," U of Missouri, Columbia, 1994, later published in The Gothic World of Anne Rice, The Popular Press.
Q. Grant Writing Experience on the Role of , cooking, housework, dolls and doll making in women's lives for NEA and Romance Writers of America.
R. Some original fiction and poetry published in this area in Straight Ahead, and House of White Birches magazines, 1980s.
S. Proposed course on Women and Execution for Texas A and M.
T. Legal and Political:
1. worked with NOW political action committee as art of steering committee for local judicial election successfully electing second woman judge to 14th Judicial Circuit.
2. Death with women's issues in Civil Rights cases, have taught and developed Employment Discrimination Courses, Family Law Course, Sex Discrimination Courses. Member of Organization Women Law Students and Staff at University of Iowa College of Law.
3. Member Iowa Association Legal Assistants and National Association Legal Assistants, and other legal organizations where women are primarily members.

U. Large collection books, research artifacts on Joan of Arc, Six Wives of Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, House of Windsor, Marie Antoinette, Clara Barton, Florence Nightingale, Boudicca, Helen Keller, Anne Sullivan, Elizabeth Bathory, lady Jane Grey, Mary, Queen of Scots, Sappho, Queen Louise of Prussia, Queen Amalia of Greece.
V. Vintage pamphlets including early 19th c cook books, Lydia Pinkham, Women's magazines, pattern books, recipes, "Angel of the House" literature, catalogs, Godey's' prints, diaries, and scrapbooks.
W. Judy Chicago research and needlework project for Signe Anderson at Augustana 1981-82.
X. Participant in Women's gymnastics, competitor, judge and coach, high school through college and with American Turners.

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