Miss Pym and a Friend

Miss Pym and a Friend

Thursday, February 3, 2011


It strikes me that what happened to me and my course, and the rather underhanded way it was handled was very like events that happened to Pym. She often received literary blows that upset her, but did not daunt her. And, I am happy to say her characters are quite real; there was a real Allegra Gray in our midst, who caused and helped bring about the course's demise. My course went, her husband's stayed, but that is as far into the Mote and Quagmire of Pettiness that surrounds our Ivory Tower of Academe as I care to wade. That was a mouthful worthy of the real Ms. Oliphant! I will continue to post links and ideas, and encourage people to review the biblographical material given in the first two blogs. Long Live the Peoples Republic of CommUniversity.

Pym did far more than earn the title The 20th Century Jane Austen. Her efforts encouraged the genre of Womens Fiction to grow, and helped illustrate what The Feminine Mystique really was. She has brought attention to women's culture and has fueled culture icons like Julia Child, Martha Stewart, especially her Sirius Network, Chic Lit, Paual Dean, The Killer Hobbies Mysteries, and renewed interest in Knitting, Crocheting, Crafts, and women's arts. For a wonderful trip through the latter's history, see Roszika Parker, Old Mistresses. Also, see the works of Tasha Tudor and Maude Humphrey Bogart.

Pym gives everyone the right to find something to love, or as our business friends might write, to seek a passion for excellence, keyword, passion. We all need something, or someone to love, and it is that love that leads us all to find a full life. More later. Stay safe if you have endured the Cyclones and Snow Storms of the Past Week.

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